Eucharist as a Celebration of Forgiveness
Francis J Moloney, SDB
[Paper Back] 30/06/2017

Eucharist as a Celebration of Forgiveness is divided into four...

What Does it All Mean?: Faith's Big Questions
Richard Leonard, SJ
[Hard Paper] 28/02/2017

What Does It All Mean? brings together into one volume three previous works on belief and its...

Drama of Atheist Humanism
Henri de Lubac; Edith M. Riley
[Paper Back] 01/10/1995

Like a good action movie, this book is pure philosophical excitement! De Lubac recognizes that...

Philosophy of Religion: Towards a More Humane Approach
John Cottingham
[Paper Back] 04/04/2014

Religious belief is not just about abstract intellectual argument; it also impinges on all ...

The Great Mystery: Science, God and the Human Quest for Meaning
Alister McGrath, DPhil, DD
[Hard Paper] 04/05/2017

There is currently a huge interest in the question of human nature and identity, and what the...

Doubt, Faith, and Certainty
Anthony C. Thiselton
[Paper Back] 30/04/2017

Doubt, faith, certainty. In this book celebrated theologian Anthony Thiselton provides clarity on...

Faith and the Marvelous Progress of Science
Brendan Leahy
[Paper Back] 20/12/2014

Many Christians today favour the approach of dialogue between faith and science. As Pope Francis...

Proofs of God: Classical Arguments from Tertullian to Barth
Matthew Levering
[Paper Back] 01/05/2016

Leading theologian Matthew Levering presents a thoroughgoing critical survey of the proofs of...

Disciplines in the Making
G.E.R. Lloyd
[Hard Paper] 23/11/2009

The organisation of higher education across the world is one of the several factors that conspire...

Christianity and Democracy
Jacques Maritain; Doris Anson
[Paper Back] 16/01/2012

Few political philosophers have laid such stress upon the organic and dynamic characters of human...

Apologia Pro Vita Sua
John Henry Newman
[Paper Back] 14/06/2014

Even before the publication of his masterwork, John Henry Newman had been regarded as one of the...

Dictionary of Philosophy:  Third edition
A. R. Lacey
[Paper Back] 15/08/1996

The third edition of this bestselling student reference book provides an illuminating and ...


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