Resources for Teachers/Catechists

Be the Change: See the Change, Make the Change, Live the Change
[Paper Back] 1/1/2019

The book describes how teachers and pupils put into effect some very simple changes to benefit ...

Companion to the Directory for Catechesis
Willey Petroc
[Paper Back] 1/21/2021

This in-depth, chapter-by-chapter guide to the new Directory for Catechesis offers a practical...

Catechesis: An Invitation to Living Faith
Mercer, Jarred
[Paper Back] 11/30/2020

Catechesis is not just about right teaching, it is a cultivation of a living faith within the...

The Tell It Together Gospel: Mark
Gooder Paula
[Paper Back] 10/17/2019

A fresh new translation of Mark's Gospel by renowned Biblical scholar Dr Paula Gooder, with...

Introducing Children To Silence And Prayer: For Catechists and Parents
Benavides Luis M.
[Paper Back] 3/1/2013

Through prayer, very young children can learn to talk with God and to build their faith and trust...

Teaching Religious Education
Stern Julian
[Paper Back] 4/6/2006

How can recent research improve my RE teaching? How can I enhance my students' thinking skills in...

The Ideas Factory: 100 Discussion Starters to Get Teens Talking
Saunders, Martin
[Paper Back] 1/15/2016

The Ideas Factory is a priceless resource for anyone working with young people. It contains 100...

Drama Out of a Crisis: 20 Challenging, Fun and Inspirational Sketches About Poverty and Justice
Shaw Peter
[Paper Back] 6/22/2012

Drama out of a Crisis comprises 20 short, easy-to-perform sketches providing a fresh perspective...

Changes and Challenges Year 8
Vollmer, Christine, Saunders,
[Paper Back]

Faithsharing for Teens: 25 Experiences That Connect Faith and Life
Theisen Michael
[Sheet Music] 2/2/2007

FaithSharing for Teens provides 25 creative, easy-to-use faith-sharing experiences (centred ...

Biblical Literacy Made Easy - A Practical Guide for Catechists, Teachers, and Youth Ministers
Singer-Towns Brian
[Sheet Music] 8/15/2008

All catechists, teachers, and youth ministers share the responsibility for teaching biblical...

A Prayerbook for Catechists
Costello Gwen

Each prayer relates to a real-life catechetical situation and reflects a firm belief in God's...


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