Wonders of the Living World: Curiosity, Awe, and the Meaning of Life
Bancewicz, Ruth
[Paper Back] 5/21/2021

The living world is beautiful, intricate, and highly ordered. Organisms flourish across virtually...

Morality: Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times
Sacks Jonathan
[Hard Paper] 3/12/2020

We are living through a period of cultural climate change. We have outsourced morality to the...

Robots, Ethics and the Future of Jobs
McDonagh, Sean
[Paper Back] 2/1/2021

"I love my robot lawn mowers, my laptop, wifi, Google, Facetime, Whatsapp and the ...

A Catholic Scientist Proves God Exists
Verschuuren Gerard
[Paper Back] 6/19/2019

Challenging today's accepted wisdom, Catholic scientist Gerard Verschuuren, Ph.D., here...

Theology and Ecology in Dialogue: The Wisdom of Laudato Si'
Lane, Dermot A.
[Paper Back] 5/21/2020

This book opens with an examination of the meaning of the innocent sounding category of...

Living the Mystery
Hederman, Mark Patrick
[Hard Paper] 3/31/2019

Life is a mystery quite beyond the comprehension of our normal ways of understanding. Having ...

Catholics and Our Common Home: Caring for the Planet We Share
Atkins, Margaret
[Paper Back] 9/1/2015

What people today need is an 'ecological conversion': 'Living our vocation to be...

Facing the Issues: A Christian Approach to Moral Dilemmas, Social Concerns, Relationships
Cox John Editor
[Paper Back] 6/12/2012

Each of the 235 articles provide both background information as well as biblical and spiritual...

Living Hope: A Practical Theology of Hope for the Dying
Herbert Russell
[Paper Back] 6/14/2014

Living Hope explores the meaning of Christian hope, its theology and psychology. It reflects on...

Climate Change: The Challenge to All of Us
McDonagh Sean
[Paper Back] 11/1/2006

In January 2006 three politicians, from different parts of the world, acknowledged that the...

In the Beginning: A Catholic Scientist Explains How God Made Earth Our Home
Verschuuren, Gerard
[Paper Back] 7/25/2019

The taste of fresh berries, the quiet cadence of waves lapping a lakeshore, the song of an owl in...

Common Sense Catholicism: How To Resolve Our Cultural Crisis
Donohue Bill
[Paper Back] 6/19/2019

This work analyses how the three key elements of a democratic society—freedom, equality, ...


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