Primary Resources

Church's Story 2: Lived by the People of God
Teague Kati
[Hard Paper] 4/14/2014

The Church teaches that Catholic life and teaching is formed, nourished, and deepened by ...

Guided Meditations for Catholic Kids
Glynnis Hope & John Dawson
[Paper Back] 1/1/2018

This is a meditation resource for primary students, aged 4 to 9, to introduce children to...

Enriching Faith: Lessons and Activities on What Makes Us Catholic
Janet Schaeffler
[Paper Back] 6/1/2015

Help students and their families discover the rich treasury of Catholic customs, traditions,...

What is Beauty? A Guide for Christian Schools
Dr Clare Campbell
[Paper Back] 4/5/2021

Dr Clare Campbell explores the concerns of the 'selfie' culture that makes our children ...

Creative Ways to Tell a Bible Story
Martyn Payne
[Paper Back] 1/1/2014

For Sunday School and Church leaders Martyn Payne gives you ideas and plans for creative...

Be the Change: See the Change, Make the Change, Live the Change
Dr Clare Campbell
[Paper Back] 1/1/2019

The book describes how teachers and pupils put into effect some very simple changes to benefit ...

Believe Celebrate, Live: Eucharist
[Paper Back] 4/4/2017

Engages children in a process of recognizing the presence of God in their everyday experiences,...

We Share in the Eucharist: Child/Parent
Darcy-Berube F./Berube Jean-Paul
[Paper Back] 6/19/2019

This newly revised edition of We Share in the Eucharist features attractive, contemporary new...

Teaching Kids to Care: Reflections, Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues
Janet Schaeffler, OP
[Paper Back] 1/23/2017

From alphabets of courtesy to gratitude trees, here are hundreds of activities, conversation...

How to Talk to Children about Jesus: What Parents & Teachers Need to Know
Janet Schaeffler, OP
[Paper Back] 8/1/2017

Janet Schaeffler offers great suggestions for talking to children about Jesus’ life and...

How to Talk to Children about God: What Parents & Teachers Need to Know
Connors-Johnston, Allie
[Paper Back] 8/1/2017

Allie Johnston offers great suggestions for talking to children about God: God's goodness, ...

A Pocket Catechism For Kids, Updated
Mike Aquilina & Fr Kris D Stubna
[Paper Back] 12/7/2017

From the very first "Who are you?" to the final "What other prayers does the ...


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