The True Europe: Its Identity and Mission
Pope Benedict XVI
[Paper Back] 29/04/2024

"The ecological movement discovered that 'nature' prescribes for us a moderation ...

Universal Church in Motion: Synodal Paths
Ronge Frank, Editor
[Paper Back] 09/07/2024

The central theme in Catholicism today is the synodal way, in which bishops and laypeople discuss...

Dignitas Infinita: On Human Dignity
Dicastery for the Doctrine of Faith
[Paper Back] 11/04/2024

In this declaration, the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith reiterates and strengthens the...

7 Words on Marriage PA69
Fr Ivano Millico
[Paper Back] 19/01/2024

Raphael. I take thee. Ring. Blessing. Nuptial bed. Cana. Sunem. These are seven life-giving...

Listening Together: Meditations on Synodality
Timothy Radcliffe, OP
[Paper Back] 10/03/2024

The full collection of conference talks from Pope Francis’s appointed retreat master,...

Pondering and Praying Vatican II
Bishop John Wilson
[Paper Back] 14/02/2024

This book provides a fresh, prayerful and powerful way of approaching Vatican II documents and in...

Synodality and the Recovery of Vatican II: A New Way for Catholics
S McKinney; T O'Loughlin; B Toth
[Paper Back] 13/05/2024

AVAILABLE May 2024 In less than a decade the notion of ‘synodality’ has emerged as...

Becoming a Pastoral Parish Council: A Guide for a Synodal Church
Carroll Patricia
[Paper Back] 05/03/2024

Becoming a Pastoral Parish Council is a basic primer on how a parish council can be set up...

Artificial Intelligence
Pinsent A./Seed R./Biggens S.
[Paper Back] 08/01/2024

We all use Artificial Intelligence, or AI, online. It determines our search engine results,...

Living Your Vocation (Even If You Don’t Know What It Is Yet)
Nicholas Crowe, OP
[Paper Back] 09/01/2024

One of the biggest questions Christians ask is what vocation God has given to them. Marriage,...

Catholic Social Teaching: An Introduction for Schools, Parishes & Charities
Raymond Friel
[Paper Back] 01/09/2023

Catholic Social Teaching (CST) is sometimes referred to as the Church’s best kept secret,...

With God You are Never Alone: The Great Papal Addresses
Pope Benedict XVI
[Hard Paper] 28/09/2023

For the first time, the 10 great speeches of Benedict XVI's pontificate are collected. From...


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