Catholic Christianity in Evolution: The Spiritual Prophecy of Teilhard de Chardin
Sage, Alan
[Paper Back] 01/06/2021

Christianity, and its theological and spiritual underpinnings, does not fulfil the needs of ...

The Best Catholics in the World: The Irish, the Church and the End of a Special Relationship
Scally, Derek
[Paper Back] 18/03/2021

When Dubliner Derek Scally goes to Christmas Eve Mass on a visit home from Berlin, he finds more...

Fifty Catholic Churches to See Before You Die
Elena Curti
[Paper Back] 29/09/2020

Catholic churches are among the great architectural treasures of England and Wales, yet hardly...

The Joy of the Gospel Group Reading Guide
Bill Huebsch
[Paper Back] 21/03/2014

This unique, in-plain-English study guide offers a paraphrased summary of every article in Pope...

In Search of Japan's Hidden Christians: A Story of Suppression, Secrecy and Survival
Dougill, John
[Paper Back] 15/09/2016

The story of Japan's hidden Christians is the subject of a major new film directed by Martin...

Finding Forgiveness with Pope Francis
Donnelly Nick
[Paper Back] 08/05/2016

What can Pope Francis' personal experience of God's forgiveness teach us? Through his...

Heroes and Heretics of the Reformantion
Campbell, Phillip
[Hard Paper] 31/10/2017

Not since the birth of Christ has an event shaken the foundations of the Western world like the...

Galileo - Science and Faith
Carroll Dr. William
[Paper Back] 01/01/2009

Is the Church against Science and Reason? The Galileo controversy has become a paragon of...

The Theological and Ecological Vision of Laudato Si': Everything is Connected
Miller, Vincent J.
[Paper Back] 27/07/2017

This volume provides a comprehensive introduction to the spiritual, moral and practical themes of...

Newman on Vatican II
Ker, Ian
[Paper Back] 21/04/2016

John Henry Newman is often described as 'the Father of the Second Vatican Council'. He ...

The Great Facade: The Regime of Novelty in the Catholic Church from Vatican II to the Francis Revolution
Ferrara, Christopher a
[Paper Back] 21/09/2015

In this second edition of The Great Façade, co-author Christopher A. Ferrara brings the...

Spiritual Works of Mercy
Mgr P Brogan
[Paper Back] 01/09/2015

Most Christians want to live an active faith yet feel perplexed about how to do so. The seven...


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