Prophetic Witnesses to Joy: A Theology of the Vowed Life
Mousseau Juliet
[Paper Back] 10/22/2021

A life of consecration prefigures what Christians hope for by calling into question the value of...

The Study Guide to the Encyclical Letter of Pope Francis Fratelli Tutti
Marcus Mescher
[Paper Back] 10/5/2021

Fratelli Tutti sets out Pope Francis' vision for a post-pandemic world–a...

Formation of the Heart: The Why and How of Being a Catholic Today
Friel Raymond
[Paper Back] 2/2/2022

Formation in the faith for many Catholics seems to come to a halt after they are confirmed around...

Word on Fire Vatican II Collection
Bishop Robert Barron
[Hard Paper] 2/9/2021

The Second Vatican Council (1962–1965), a gathering of Catholic bishops from around the...

Pastoral Plan Advent 2021
[Paper Back]

I put before you a vision for the future of the Church in this archdiocese which has arisen from...

Westminster Year Book 2022
[Paper Back]

Full Listing of Catholic Parishes, Priests, Schools and Societies.  Includes 2022...

Looking East in Winter: Contemporary Thought and the Eastern Christian Tradition
Rowan Williams
[Hard Paper] 6/24/2021

In many ways, we seem to be living in wintry times at present in the Western world. In this new...

The Catholic Faith Explained
Stephen Wang
[Paper Back] 9/1/2021

Do you want to understand the Christian faith? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of...

The Spirit of Catholicism
Boland OP, Vivian
[Hard Paper] 11/25/2021

The Catholic Church seems to be in serious crisis - disfigured by scandals, divided by...

Discerning the Gold in Human Experience: Leadership Faith and Organizations
Christine Anderson, FCJ
[Paper Back] 5/10/2021

This book is a passionate and enthusiastic account of the life of a Religious Sister in the ...

Catholic Christianity in Evolution: The Spiritual Prophecy of Teilhard de Chardin
Sage, Alan
[Paper Back] 6/1/2021

Christianity, and its theological and spiritual underpinnings, does not fulfil the needs of ...

The Best Catholics in the World: The Irish, the Church and the End of a Special Relationship
Scally, Derek
[Paper Back] 3/18/2021

When Dubliner Derek Scally goes to Christmas Eve Mass on a visit home from Berlin, he finds more...


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