World Religions

Why the Jews?: The Reason for Anti-Semitism
Dennis Prager; Joseph Telushkin
[Paper Back] 10/09/2003

Why the Jews?: The Reason for Anti-Semitism - Revised and Updated edition The very word Jew...

Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and Its Meaning for You
Joan Chittister
[Paper Back] 07/06/2007

Certain questions are common to all of us as human beings. Why was I born? What's...

World Religions and Contemporary Issues
Brennan R. Hill
[Paper Back] 10/05/2013

To live in a global society and make sense of world events requires more than a cursory...

Catholics and Protestants: What Can We Learn from Each Other?
Peter Kreeft
[Paper Back] 20/03/2017

The widely read author and philosopher Peter Kreeft presents a unique book about the important...

What Every Catholic needs to know about Islam
Terence Gerard Kennedy
[Paper Back] 14/06/2014

What every Catholic needs to know about Islam does not try nor aspire to describe Islam...

Why Can't They Get Along?: A Conversation Between a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian
Dawoud El-Alami; Dan Cohn-Sherbok; George D. Chryssides
[Paper Back] 14/06/2014

Christians, Muslims and Jews all stem from one man, Abraham, and yet relations between them are ...

Why Interfaith?: Stories, Reflections and Challenges from Recent Engagements in Northern Europe
Andrew Wingate,
[Paper Back] 28/07/2016

Why Interfaith? presents over forty inspiring examples of how people of different faiths come...

A Dialogue of Life: Towards the Encounter of Jews and Christians
Silvina Chemen
[Paper Back] 01/03/2015

A Dialogue of Life: Towards the Encounter of Jews and Christians   A Dialogue of Life...

Meeting God in Friend & Stranger
Catholic Bishops' Conference of England & Wales
[Paper Back]

Meeting God in Friend and Stranger is the 2009 teaching document on interreligious dialogue from...

True and Holy: Christian Scripture and Other Religions
Leo D Lefebure
[Paper Back] 24/02/2014

Offers Christian readings of Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist holy texts, illustrates a...


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