Haggai and Malachi Wisdom Commentary 39
Davis, Stacy
[Hard Paper] 11/10/2015

Reading Haggai and Malachi in conversation with feminist theory, rhetorical criticism, and...

1-2 Thessalonians Wisdom Commentary 52
[Hard Paper] 11/8/2016

When Paul wrote First Thessalonians shortly after the recipients had accepted the Gospel, many...

Hebrews Wisdom Commentary 54
Mary Ann Beavis; HyeRan Kim-Cragg
[Hard Paper] 11/10/2015

Hebrews seems like unpromising material for feminist interpretation, although it is the only New...

Ephesians Wisdom Commentary 50
Schussler Fiorenza Elizabeth
[Hard Paper] 10/20/2017

Ephesians is a "mystery" text that seeks to make known the multifarious Wisdom of God....

Philippians, Colossians, Philemon Wisdom Commentary 51
E Tamez/C Kittredge/C Columbo/A Batten
[Hard Paper] 2/20/2017

Philippians lends itself to a political-ideological reading. To take into account that the...

Psalms, Books 2-3 Wisdom Commentary 21
Denise Dombkowski Hopkins
[Hard Paper] 11/17/2016

Many readers are convinced that the Psalms are hopelessly “masculine,” especially...

Psalms, Books 4-5 Wisdom Commentary 22
Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford
[Hard Paper] 11/5/2020

In this close reading of Psalms 90–150, Nancy L. deClaissé-Walford discovers ...

Tobit Wisdom Commentary 15
Michele Murray
[Hard Paper] 7/13/2023

Blindness by bird excrement, seven husbands murdered by a love-sick demon, a father with the...

Revelation Wisdom Commentary 58
Lynn R. Huber and Gail R. O'Day
[Hard Paper] 11/15/2023

While feminist interpretations of the Book of Revelation often focus on the book’s use of...

Luke 1-9 Wisdom Commentary 43A
Reid Barbara E./Matthews Shelly
[Hard Paper] 1/15/2021

Because there are more women in the Gospel of Luke than in any other gospel, feminists have given...

Baruch, Letter of Jeremiah Wisdom Commentary 31
Wacker, Marie-Theres
[Hard Paper] 10/30/2015

Baruch and the Letter of Jeremiah are among the so-called deuterocanonical books of the Bible,...

Mark Wisdom Commentary 42
Carter, Warren
[Hard Paper] 10/31/2019

This reading of Mark's Gospel engages this ancient text from the perspective of contemporary...


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