First and Second Corinthians: Volume 7 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Maria A. Pascuzzi
[Paper Back] 05/06/2005

What was originally part of an ongoing dialogue between Paul and the community at Corinth has...

James, First Peter, Jude, Second Peter: Volume 10 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Patrick J. Hartin
[Paper Back] 06/06/2006

Who would not relish the opportunity to read two-thousand-year-old letters? These four of the...

Galatians and Romans: Volume 6  (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Robert J. Karris
[Paper Back] 05/06/2005

In his thorough, yet concise commentary on Galatians and Romans, Robert Karris, encourages his...

The Book of Revelation: Volume 12 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Catherine Ann Cory
[Paper Back] 05/06/2006

Full of awesome and gruesome scenes that seem to provoke more fear than faith, the Book of...

First Thessalonians, Philippians, Second Thessalonians, Colossians, Ephesians: Vol. 8 (Collegeville)
Vincent M. Smiles
[Paper Back] 05/06/2005

Vincent M. Smiles provides a fresh look at the early Church and the faith with which they...

The Gospel According to John: Volume 4 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Scott M. Lewis
[Paper Back] 05/06/2005

Only in John’s Gospel do we have such special features such as the rapturous prologue, the...

The Gospel According to Luke: Volume 3 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Michael F. Patella
[Paper Back] 05/06/2005

How bland would be our theological picture of Jesus without the colourful contributions of...

The Gospel According to Mark: Volume 2 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Marie Noonan Sabin
[Paper Back] 01/08/2005

The absence of stories of Jesus' birth and infancy, a minimum of Jesus' parables and a...

The Gospel According to Matthew: Volume 1 (New Collegeville Bible Commentary)
Barbara E. Reid
[Paper Back] 01/06/2005

The Gospel of Matthew carries important lessons on the formation of community and of Jesus as...

The Gospels Speak: Addressing Life's Questions
Dorothy A. Lee
[Paper Back] 30/06/2017

This book takes four fundamental questions of human existence, including the existence of evil ...

The Scandal of Christian Disunion
Nicholas King
[Paper Back] 13/01/2017

There is nothing new about divisions in the Church, and all of us could tell stories of ...

Paul, Proclaiming Christ Crucified
Ronald D. Witherup
[Paper Back] 16/06/2016

Paul's witness continues to speak to us and challenge us to stand as faithful witnesses in...


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