Nature of God
Hughes Gerard
[Paper Back] 3/9/1995

In The Nature of God, Gerard Hughes takes five central attributes - Existence, Simplicity,...

Ethics: A Contemporary Introduction
Gensler Harry J
[Paper Back] 8/13/1998

Ethics introduces the issues and controversies of contemporary moral philosophy to undergraduate...

Philosophy Guidebook to Aristotle on Ethics
Hughes Gerard
[Paper Back] 4/12/2001

Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics is one of the most important texts in western philosophy, and...

Gathered for the Journey: An Introduction to Catholic Moral Theology
McCarthy, David Matzko
[Paper Back] 9/26/2007

Gathered for the Journey brings to market, a new and contemporary approach to catholic moral...

Faithful Presence: Working Together for the Common Good
Russell, Hilary
[Paper Back] 10/30/2015

Together for the Common Good (T4CG) is a national initiative that encourages people of goodwill,...

The Cambridge Companion to the Summa Theologiae
McCosker, Philip
[Paper Back] 6/13/2016

Arguably the most influential work of systematic theology in the history of Christianity, Thomas...

Faith and the Creeds
McGrath Alistair
[Paper Back] 2/21/2013

The Christian Belief for Everyone series comprises five guides to the basic ideas of the ...

Exploring Christian Ethics: An Introduction to Key Methods and Debates
Hovey, Craig
[Paper Back] 9/21/2017

Talking about ethics tends to involve talking about what we should or, more often, shouldn't do....

Why are We Here?: A Little Book of Guidance
McGrath, Alister, DPhil, DD
[Paper Back] 12/10/2015

Alister McGrath shows how science can take us only so far in answering the big questions about ...

What is Christianity?
Williams, Rowan
[Paper Back] 12/10/2015

A fresh look at the basics of the Christian faith, written accessibly by one of the world's...

Why Did Jesus Have to Die?: A Little Book of Guidance
Williams, Jane
[Paper Back] 12/15/2016

For many people, the crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans is just another tragic fact of history - ...

The Language and Science of Faith: Straight Answers to Genuine Questions
Giberson Karl W.; Collins Fran
[Paper Back] 3/1/2011

World-renowned scientist Francis Collins and fellow scientist Karl Giberson show how we can...


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