Lighting the Beacons: Kindling the Flame of Faith in our Hearts
Rt Revd Dr Jill Duff
[Paper Back] 3/23/2023

Lighting the Beacons seeks to expand our everyday horizons by daring us to believe that the...

Celtic Blessing
Wareing Laurence

Walk With God
Fulton Sheen
[Paper Back]

Sheen talks of four types of persons who miss their mark in life. Some are lost through their own...

Never Stop Praying: Weekly Mini Retreats to Grow in Your Faith Each Day
Leo Gafney
[Paper Back]

Gafney invites us into a series of mini-retreats devoted to themes like acceptance, peace, faith,...

Divine Intimacy
Fr A Kolencherry SAC
[Paper Back]

This book reveals the treasures of the personality of Jesus whose mysteries unfold in our...

Chastity: Reconciliation  of the Senses
Varden Erik
[Paper Back] 10/12/2023

Julian of Norwich's Literary Legacy
Luke Penkett
[Hard Paper] 3/31/2023

This book is a systematic linguistic study of, and commentary upon, Julian of Norwich's A...

Forgive Everyone Everything
Boyle Gregory
[Paper Back] 9/1/2022

Gregory Boyle, SJ, spends his days at Homeboy Industries accompanying ex-gang members as they...

Seeing with the Heart: A Guide to Navigating Life's Adventures
O'Brien Kevin
[Paper Back] 1/24/2022

Respected Jesuit educator and spiritual director Kevin O'Brien invites you to recognize...

The Greatest Desire: Daily Readings with Walter Hilton
Fr Kevin Goodrich OP
[Paper Back] 1/1/2023

The Greatest Desire distils some of the wisest spiritual insight and guidance of the...

40 Days with Labyrinths
Fay Rowland
[Paper Back] 1/1/2023

Labyrinths have been a treasured part of Christian spirituality for centuries. The journey along ...

Questioning God
Timothy Radcliffe, Lukasz Popko
[Paper Back] 7/6/2023

When the Lord first spoke to Samuel in the Old Testament, he did not understand. So it is in the...


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