Leading The Millllennial Way
Simon Barrington
[Paper Back] 18/04/2019

Millennial leaders are stepping into some of the most significant global leadership roles in...

To Heal and Not to Hurt: A fresh approach to safeguarding in the Church
Rosie Harper and Alan Wilson
[Paper Back] 25/04/2019

The mark of a healthy and authentically Christian community is not large numbers, inspiring...

Helping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression
Roy Petitfils
[Paper Back] 08/03/2019

In Helping Teens with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, Roy Petitfils--a Catholic author, speaker,...

I Am With You Always: Living with Loneliness
Siobhan O'Keeffe, SHJM
[Paper Back] 04/02/2019

More and more people are experiencing the pain of loneliness, whether through their own personal...

Out of Control: Couples Conflict and the Capacity for Change
Natalie Collins
[Paper Back] 21/03/2019

All of us will be familiar with supporting friends, family and colleagues through the ups and...

An Exorcist Explains How to Heal the Possessed
Fr Paolo Carlin
[Paper Back] 24/08/2018

Leaning heavily on Scripture and the teachings of the Church, as well as on his own extensive...

Unlocking Your Parish: Making Disciples, Raising Up Leaders with Alpha
Ron Huntley, Fr James Mallon
[Paper Back] 03/01/2019

Can Catholic parishes become communities of missionary disciples that bear lasting fruit? If so,...

Detached: Put Your Phone in Its Place
T. J. Burdick
[Paper Back] 22/10/2018

Before you throw down this book, thinking “Here's yet another guy telling me that my...

Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor's Personal Journey of Hope
Jennifer Bute; Louise Morse
[Paper Back] 15/11/2018

Jennifer Bute was a highly qualified senior doctor in a large clinical practice, whose patients...

Out of the Classroom and Into the World: How to Transform Catholic Education
Roy Peachey
[Paper Back] 07/07/2018

Catholic education can transform our children, and we can transform Catholic education: that is...

Jean M. Twenge
[Hard Paper] 07/09/2017

 iGen: Why Today's Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant,...

Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be
Emily Wilson Hussem
[Paper Back] 30/05/2018

As a young Christian woman, do you struggle with insecurities and feel bogged down by the...


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