Saints & Inspiring Lives

Two Lives of Saint Brigid
Philip Freeman PhD (Editor)
[Paper Back] 3/1/2024

St. Brigid is the earliest and best-known of the female saints of Ireland. In the generation ...

I, Julian: The Fictional Autobiography of Julian of Norwich
Claire Gilbert
[Paper Back] 3/3/2024

'So I will write in English, pressing new words from this beautiful plain language spoken by...

Therese of Lisieux: Transformation into Love
Moorcroft Jennifer
[Paper Back] 8/29/2023

Perhaps one of the most beloved saints of recent times, St Thérèse of Lisieux's...

Pope Francis: My Story Through History
Pope Francis
[Hard Paper]

For the first time, Pope Francis tells the story of his life as he looks back on the momentous...

Angels and Saints: Who They Are and Why They Matter
Klein Elizabeth
[Paper Back] 11/3/2023

We often pray with the saints in our Catholic practice or see paintings of angels by famous...

Padre Pio: Stories from Those Who Knew Him
Allegri Roberto
[Paper Back] 4/14/2023

Discover what it was like to talk to Padre Pio, look him in the eye, and see the stigmata up...

The Great Dreamer: The Life and Mission of St. Francis Xavier
Brendan Comerford SJ
[Paper Back] 1/31/2024

A short but fascinating biography of this most courageous and adventurous of saints. One of...

From Union Square to Rome
Dorothy Day
[Paper Back] 3/20/2024

Available March 2024 In this early autobiographical work, Dorothy Day offers the first account...

I, Julian: The Fictional Autobiography of Julian of Norwich
Gilbert Claire
[Hard Paper] 4/13/2023

In 1347, the first pestilence rages across the land. The young Julian of Norwich encounters the...

Who Believes Is Not Alone: My Life Beside Benedict XVI
Georg Gaenswein
[Hard Paper] 10/27/2023

The collaboration between a future pope and young prelate is transformed into profound friendship...

There and Back Again: A Somewhat Religious Odyssey
Fr Dwight Longenecker
[Paper Back] 7/5/2023

This is a unique tale of one man's spiritual adventure, tracing God's unusual plan of...

Saintly Rhymes Through the Year
Meghan Bausch
[Hard Paper] 8/21/2023

The Church's liturgical calendar provides families with a cornucopia of saints to celebrate...


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