Ecumenism & Interfaith

Christianity: A Very Short Introduction
Woodhead, Professor, Dr. Linda
[Paper Back] 04/09/2014

At a time when Christianity is flourishing in the Southern hemisphere but declining in much of ...

Religious Freedom Today: The Catholic View
Newton, John
[Paper Back] 01/09/2015

Today being a Christian could cost you your life. Catholic thinking on religious freedom believes...

Freemasonry and the Christian Faith
Fr Ashley Beck
[Paper Back] 13/10/2005

Freemasons celebrate 300 years since their foundation in England in 1717. Today still, despite ...

Hinduism: From a Catholic Perspective
Martin Ganeri OP
[Paper Back] 01/01/2010

Over a billion people in the world describe themselves as Hindus, yet to many in the West it...

Does Religion Do More Harm Than Good?
Rupert Shortt
[Paper Back] 20/02/2019

Are the world’s major spiritual traditions sources of greater discord than harmony? Or are...

Religion Hurts: Why Religions Do Harm As Well As Good
Bowker, John
[Hard Paper] 18/10/2018

The world contains a bewildering variety of religions, and an equally bewildering variety of...

Finding Jesus Among Muslims: How Loving Islam Makes Me a Better Catholic
Duffner, Jordan Denari
[Paper Back] 15/12/2017

Why should Christians engage in interfaith dialogue with Muslims? Does Islam have anything to...

Why Can't They Get Along? A Conversation Between a Muslim, a Jew and a Christian
Dan Cohn-Sherbok/Dawoud El-Alami , et al
[Paper Back] 17/04/2014

Christians, Muslims and Jews all stem from one man, Abraham, and yet relations between them are ...

Why Interfaith? Stories, Reflections and Challenges from recent engagements in Northern Europe
Andrew Wingate & Pernilla Myrelid
[Paper Back] 28/07/2016

Why Interfaith? presents over forty inspiring examples of how people of different faiths come...

A Dialogue of Life: Towards the Encounter of Jews and Christians
Chemen Silvina and Francisco Canzani
[Paper Back] 01/03/2015

A Dialogue of Life Towards the encounter of Jews and Christians will motivate Jews and Christians...

Protestantism: From a Catholic Perspective
Cyprian Blamires
[Paper Back] 01/01/2007

Protestants account for just under half of all Christians in the world but are often placed in...

Dialogue of the Heart: Christian-Muslim Stories of Encounter
McGee Martin
[Paper Back] 01/12/2015

McGee presents a timely and heartfelt plea encouraging Christians everywhere to cultivate...


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