Jesus Our Priest: A Christian Approach to the Priesthood of Christ
O'Collins S.J.Gerald; Jones Michael
[Hard Paper] 3/4/2010

In recent years many books have been published in the area of Christology (who is Jesus in...

Life and Work of a Priest
Pritchard John
[Paper Back] 6/22/2007

Having managed during his eventful time as a vicar to become a footnote in ecclesiastical...

Rites of Ordination: Their History and Theology
Bradshaw, Dr. Paul F.
[Paper Back] 1/16/2014

Paul Bradshaw, one of the world's foremost scholars on the history of Christian liturgy, has...

Broken for You
Moloney Francis
[Paper Back] 11/29/2018

Three studies from a celebrated Australian biblical scholar contribute to the debate about how we...

Models of Priestly Formation
Ryan Salvador, Marmion D
[Paper Back] 8/15/2019

The preparation of new priests for ministry currently faces closer scrutiny than at any time ...

Women Deacons? Essays with Answers
Zagano, Phyllis
[Paper Back] 4/28/2016

The question of restoring women to the ordained diaconate surfaced during the Second Vatican...

How We Love: A Formation of Celibate Love
Falkenhain, John Mark
[Paper Back] 8/15/2019

In this volume, Br. John Mark Falkenhain, OSB, a Benedictine monk and clinical psychologist,...

Married Catholic Priests: Their History, Their Journeys, Their Reflections
Kowalski Anthony P.
[Paper Back] 12/1/2005

In the current crisis over the shortage of celibate male Catholic priests, the solution of...

Directory on the Ministry and Life of Priests
Congregation for the Clergy
[Paper Back] 1/1/1994

Document from the Congregation for the Clergy written following John Paul II's Pastores Dabo...

Una Voce:: The History of the Foederatio Universalis Una Voce
Darroch, Leo
[Paper Back] 9/18/2017

Here is a unique contribution to modern Catholic literature. Leo Darroch presents in ...

Spiritual Conferences
Philpot T.
[Paper Back] 10/18/2018

Mgr Tony Philpot, one of the most gifted British priests of recent times, shared in his preaching...

Baptising Babies and Clearing Gutters: A Fresh Appraisal of the Permanent Diaconate
Bridie Stringer
[Paper Back] 11/28/2013

As the Church marks the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council, it is an opportune time ...


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