Reading Genesis
Robinson Marilynne

No Greater Love: A Biblical Walk through Christ's Passion
Sri Edward
[Paper Back] 1/1/2019

In this study, you will discover:     The Biblical background to each scene in...

Into the Heart of Romans: A Deep Dive into Paul's Greatest Letter
Wright Tom
[Hard Paper] 10/19/2023

With a special focus on Romans 8, Wright leads you on an eye-opening journey, clearly explaining...

Matthew McNaught
[Paper Back] 6/8/2022

At what point does faith turn into tyranny? In Immanuel, winner of the inaugural Fitzcarraldo...

Supper of the Lamb
Scott Hahn; Emily Chapman
[Hard Paper] 11/9/2023

Go to the Supper with joy, my friend. Go to the Supper that does not end. Just go to Mass and you...

The Longest Psalm: Day-by-Day Responses to Divine Revelation
Michael Casey
[Paper Back] 9/29/2023

As the longest Psalm in the Bible, Psalm 119 comprises 176 verses. Its message sings the praise ...

Unveiled: Women of the Old Testament and the choices they made
Clare Hayns, Micah Hayns
[Paper Back] 10/22/2021

Some women of the Hebrew Scriptures are well known, but many others are barely remembered. Even...

Women of the Old Testament: Their Lives, Our Hope
Pia Septien
[Paper Back] 7/1/2012

Eleven stories about women of the Old Testament presented as material for personal spiritual...

Bible in a Year: Your Daily Encounter with God
Tim Gray, Ed.
[Paper Back] 4/1/2017

With Bible in a Year: Your Daily Encounter with God you can read through the entire Bible in...

Come Forth: The Raising of Lazarus and the Promise of Jesus’s Greatest Miracle
Martin James , SJ
[Paper Back] 9/14/2023

One of America’s most beloved spiritual leaders examines one of the most intriguing events...

Gospel in Parable: Metaphor, Narrative, and Theology in the Synoptic Gospels
Donahue John R.
[Paper Back] 4/1/1988

Professor Donahue here argues that the parables of Jesus offer a Gospel in miniature, while at ...

The Beatitudes: Eight reflections exploring the counter-cultural words of Jesus in Matthew 5
Beatrice Smith
[Paper Back] 4/3/2023

Christians are called to model a way of life that challenges the status quo and infuses the world...


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