Marriage/Family Life

Mending the Heart: A Catholic Annulment Companion
Lisa Duffy
[Paper Back] 07/05/2018

Mending the Heart: A Catholic Annulment Companion 112 pages

Go Bravely: Becoming the Woman You Were Created to Be
Emily Wilson Hussem
[Paper Back] 30/05/2018

As a young Christian woman, do you struggle with insecurities and feel bogged down by the...

Everyday Sacrament: The Messy Grace of Parenting
Laura Fanucci
[Paper Back] 18/02/2018

‘It was easy to love God in all that was beautiful. The lessons of deeper knowledge,...

7 Words on Marriage
Ivano Millico
[Paper Back] 05/03/2018

Here are seven life-giving words to shed light on your marriage, in whatever state it may be....

Childhood Bullying
Daniel Kearney
[Paper Back] 16/11/2017

The new Pastoral Outreach series is a practical, user-friendly, non-academic pastoral resource...

The Christian Meaning of Human Sexuality - Revised and Expanded Edition
Paul M. Quay
[Paper Back] 07/10/2017

The gift of human sexuality allows us to choose, or not to choose, to participate in one form of...

Three to Get Married
Fulton J. Sheen
[Paper Back] 31/12/1996

One of the best-known Catholic apologists delivers an incisive look at the right and wrong ...

Divine Likeness: Towards a Trinitarian Anthropology of the Family
Marc Cardinal Ouellet
[Paper Back] 06/06/2006

Marked by growing freedom and equality, today's families are also dogged by brokenness and...

Answering the Call: Saving Innocent Lives One Woman at a Time
John Ensor
[Paper Back]

Answering the Call is designed to help Christians take the initiative and reach out with...

Project Holiness Marriage as a Workshop for Everyday Saints
Bridget Burke Ravizza; Julie Donovan Massey
[Paper Back] 15/06/2015

Project Holiness: Marriage as a Workshop for Everyday Saints celebrates the holiness of the...

Love and Responsibility
Karol Wojtyla
[Paper Back] 08/08/1981

Drawing from his own pastoral experiences as a priest and bishop before he became Pope John Paul...

Catholics & Divorce
Séan Wales
[Paper Back]

The Catholic Church teaches that marriage is for life, yet for every two couples who marry ...


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