Catholic Bibles

The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, NRSV
Saint Mary's Press
[Paper Back] 1/10/2018

Introducing The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th Edition, completely refreshed for a new generation....

The New Testament with Lectio Divina
Christian Community Bible
[Hard Paper] 12/1/2019

Meditative reading of Scripture followed by heartfelt prayer and a decision to change your life...

The Gosepls - Word on Fire Bible - HB
Robert Barron
[Hard Paper] 6/15/2020

Four years in the making, The Word on Fire Bible is a groundbreaking new series...

The Gospels - Word on Fire Bible - PB
Robert Barron
[Paper Back]

Each edition of The Word on Fire Bible: The Gospels features text in a 9pt font, which is larger...

CCB XX8 Popular Hardback Blue 185311 Magnet
[Hard Paper]

There are many translations of the Bible in modern languages. However, many of them are difficult...

Holy Bible-NRSV Catholic
Harper Bibles
[Paper Back] 2/19/2008

The New Revised Standard Version is recognized in scholarly circles as the most accurate...

Bible Christian Community Leather Zip 185504

The Christian Community Bible is a joy to use! Designed with pastoral needs to the forefront, ...

The Catholic Youth Bible NRSV, International Edition
[Hard Paper] 11/1/2019

The Catholic Youth Bible, 4th International Edition, has a colourful and engaging design that...

Gospel According to Mark
Catholic Truth Society
[Paper Back] 1/1/2002

Mark's Gospel was written for gentile Christians and is widely considered to be the most...

Gospel According to Matthew
Catholic Truth Society
[Paper Back] 1/1/2002

Matthew's Gospel was written for the early Judaeo-Christian community. Only Mark's Gospel...

Gospel According to Luke
Catholic Truth Society
[Paper Back] 1/1/2002

Luke's Gospel was written for Christian gentiles of some social standing. Tradition holds ...

Gospel According to John
Wansbrough Henry
[Paper Back] 1/1/2002

John's Gospel is completely different from the other three in style and in content as well....


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