Various Ministries

Pastoral Plan Advent 2021
[Paper Back]

I put before you a vision for the future of the Church in this archdiocese which has arisen from...

Together on the Road Synod 2020 Liverpool
[Paper Back]

A Synod for the Archdiocese of Liverpool Our journey to Synod 2020 began with a year of prayer...

Parish Renewal: Theory and Practice: v. 1: Reflecting on the Experience
Harrington Donal
[Paper Back] 1/1/1997

The situation facing the Church today evokes a variety of feelings amongst its members. Donal...

The Digital Parish
Drumm, Brenda
[Paper Back] 4/19/2020

The last decade has seen exponential growth in the popularity and range of digital platforms, ...

Listening to the Spirit: Balancing Ministry and Management in Parish Life
Bishop, Carol
[Paper Back] 2/15/2019

When people think of the role of the parish administrator, frequently they focus on dollars and...

Inspiring Faith Communities: A Programme of Evangelisation
Hurley, Michael
[Paper Back] 11/21/2020

The great value of this book is that it helps people to explore together how they can live life...

Everything About Parish Ministry I Wish I Had Known
Hendricks Kathy
[Paper Back] 1/1/2002

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of your ministry? Do you long to know...

Lessons in Leadership: 12 Key Concepts
Adair, John
[Paper Back] 6/28/2018

Designed to challenge and inspire anyone who is seeking a deeper understanding of management,...

The Ministry of Communion Revised
Kwatera, Michael
[Paper Back] 2/28/2016

The Ministry of Communion offers practical advice and vital theology for eucharistic ministers....

Room 24: Adventures of a New Evangelist
Prejean, Katie
[Paper Back] 3/26/2016

Five years after she graduated from high school, teacher, youth minister, and sought-after ...

Faith Generation: How to Retain Young People and Grow Your Church
Shepherd, Nick
[Paper Back] 7/21/2016

The recent Church Growth Research (see identifies that the...

To Heal, Proclaim, and Teach: The Essential Guide to Ministry in Today's Catholic Church
Dees, Jared
[Paper Back] 3/30/2016

Popular author, catechist, and creator of The Religion Teacher website Jared Dees learned a...


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