Our Story


The Daughters of St Paul started as a small group of ardent young women in Italy who wanted to do something for God and the people of the 'new' (twentieth) century.


Our spirituality


The centre of Pauline spirituality is Jesus the Divine Master, Way, Truth and Life (Jn 14:6). Seeking to live in him, and to allow him to live ever more fully in us.


Our Life


Our community life is shaped by the needs and demands of the mission, and in turn enriches that mission.


Our Mission


Press, films, radio, television, internet: the heart of the Daughter of St Paul desires to put every one of these at the service of the Gospel.





Rare is the encounter with a Daughter of St. Paul that doesn’t end with “Sister, will you please pray for me…?” As helpful as our media productions are, they still fall short of the breadth and power of prayer. We warmly welcome your prayer intentions, which we will entrust to the Lord in our Hour of Adoration and at Mass. 


We include your family’s special needs among the intentions for which we offer our 'prayers, works, joys and sufferings' of every day, asking that the Divine Master draw you ever nearer to his heart. Your name or initials and the special focus of your intention will be inscribed in the Prayer List in our chapel.




Contact Us

Contact Us


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