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Collected Works St Teresa Avila 1
Teresa of Avila
[Paper Back]

This is the second edition of Volume One of The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Avila, first...

Thomas Aquinas Saints at our side
Marianne Trouve, FSP
[Paper Back] 15/01/2018

Get to know the complex St. Thomas Aquinas in this approachable biography. Written by an author...

The Message of Bernadette
Crawford Kerry
[Paper Back] 01/01/2008

Mgr Vernon Johnson's classic text on what Bernadette has to teach us about suffering has been...

Thoughts of the Cure d'Ars
Vianney St.Jean-Baptiste
[Paper Back] 01/06/1984

The most beautiful, simple, inspiring statement of practical Catholic wisdom any of us will ...

The Dream of Gerontius
Newman Cardinal John Henry
[Paper Back] 15/10/2007

The Dream of Gerontius, first published in 1865, is Cardinal Newman's epic poem describing ...

The Church and World War I
Schnitker Harry
[Paper Back] 01/03/2015

What role did the Church play during the First World War and what effect did the Great War have ...

Life of St Dominic
Drane Augustus T
[Paper Back] 14/10/1988

The best biography of St. Dominic in English we have seen. Covers his preaching, miracles,...

Edith Stein, Marcel Callo, Titus Brandsma: Victims of the Nazis
Monk Matthew
[Paper Back] 01/01/1997

Three victims of the Nazi regime during the second World War who showed great faith in adversity.

The Visit of a Saint: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Papal Visit of John Paul II to Ireland

In autumn 1979, two and a half million people gathered across Ireland to welcome Pope John Paul ...

The Life and Glories of St Joseph
Thompson Edward
[Paper Back] 01/12/1980

No words of St. Joseph are recorded In Scripture. In fact, little mention is made of him there....

John XXII: Saint for the Modern World
Vardey Lucinda
[Paper Back] 02/11/2004

This brief book outlines the life of John XXIII from his humble background to his election as...

I Loved Jesus in the Night - Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Murray Paul
[Paper Back] 16/02/2009

I Loved Jesus in the Night is one priest's compelling memories of the icon of compassion....


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