Resources for Teachers/Catechists

Jesus the Master Catechist: Twleve Lessons from Jesus on Being a Catechist
Huebsch Bill
[Paper Back] 3/15/2015

This engaging and informative guide examines how we can become better catechists by following...

Teaching Kids to Care: Reflections, Activities and Prayers on Practicing Virtues
Janet Schaeffler, OP
[Paper Back] 1/23/2017

From alphabets of courtesy to gratitude trees, here are hundreds of activities, conversation...

Ready for School: A Parents' Guide
Margaret Horan & Geraldine O'Brien
[Paper Back] 12/31/2006

Ready for School: A Parents’ Guide looks at the commonplace questions and dilemmas that...

Shared Mission: Religious Education in the Catholic Tradition
Leonardo Franchi
[Paper Back] 5/5/2016

“In presenting the argument for Communio as the ideal paradigm for developing the...

Welcome to the Mass with USB

The Poster-Book consists of 34 A3 photographic pages documenting the celebration of Mass. The...

The Church Rocks! A History of the Catholic Church for Kids
Mary Lea Hill, FSP
[Paper Back] 6/15/2018

The story of the Church is an epic drama, filled with adventure, danger, politics, sacrifice, and...

Out of the Classroom and Into the World: How to Transform Catholic Education
Peachey, Roy
[Paper Back] 7/7/2018

Catholic education can transform our children, and we can transform Catholic education: that is...

The Modern Martyr: The Story of Oscar Romero
Gearon Liam
[Paper Back] 1/1/1998

How Archbishop Oscar Romero risked his life by speaking out for the rights and just treatment of...

Reclaiming the Piazza II: Catholic Education and the New Evangelisation
Ronnie Convery, L Franchi, R McCluskey
[Paper Back] 6/30/2017

What is 'new' and continues to develop is the form by which that same Gospel is ...

Reclaiming the Piazza: Catholic Education as a Cultural Project
Ronnie Convery, L Franchi, R McCluskey
[Paper Back] 8/28/2014

To reclaim the cultural 'piazza' the Christian message must be attractive, reasonable and...

Teaching Kids to Care for God's Creation: Reflections, Activities and Prayers for Catechists and Families
Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ
[Paper Back] 1/3/2018

We all know Pope Francis has issued an urgent call to bring care for the Earth into both our...

Finding Your Spiritual Direction as a Catechist: Helpful Skills and Reflections for Personal Growth
Miller, William B
[Paper Back] 11/27/2017

The best catechists all have one thing in common: an ever-deepening loving relationship with...


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