God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity
Shortt, Rupert
[Hard Paper] 3/17/2016

Although parts of the Western world now appear almost totally secularised, Christianity remains...

Mere Apologetics: How to Help Seekers and Sceptics Find Faith
McGrath, Alister, DPhil, DD
[Paper Back] 3/24/2016

Throughout history there have been great and articulate defenders of the faith. But with the new...

Augustine: A Very Short Introduction
Chadwick Henry
[Paper Back] 2/22/2001

By his writings, the surviving bulk of which exceeds that of any other ancient author, Augustine...

Contemplating Aquinas on the Varieties
Kerr Fergus
[Paper Back] 1/1/2003

The aim of this book is to highlight the great variety of interpretations of Aquinas' work...

Silence: A User's Guide
Ross Maggie
[Paper Back] 10/29/2014

Silence: A User's Guide, the first of a major two-volume work, exposes the processes by which...

Kant: A Very Short Introduction
Scruton, Roger
[Paper Back] 8/23/2001

Kant is arguably the most influential modern philosopher, but also one of the most difficult....

Retracing Reality: A Philosophical Itinerary
Philippe Marie-Dominique
[Paper Back] 8/18/1999

This book is a response to Socrates' invitation to 'know thyself'. The journey moves...

Approaches to God
Jacques Maritain
[Paper Back] 6/5/2015

Maritain considers the intuitive or pre-philosophic approach and the famous five ways to God of...

New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy
Spitzer Robert J.
[Paper Back] 9/1/2010

Responding to contemporary popular atheism, Robert J. Spitzer's New Proofs for the Existence...

Ethics Matters
Vardy Peter; Vardy Charlotte
[Paper Back] 9/28/2012

How do we know the difference between right and wrong? How can we make decisions about issues ...

Hegel: A Very Short Introduction
Singer, Peter
[Paper Back] 8/23/2001

Many people regard Hegel's work as obscure and extremely difficult, yet his importance and...


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