Two Wings: Integrating Faith & Reason
Clayton, Brian B (Gonzaga University)
[Paper Back] 3/20/2018

This work arises out of the efforts of two college teachers to explain to their beginning ...

Chance or the Dance?: A Critique of Modern Secularism
Howard, Thomas
[Paper Back] 3/26/2018

The followers of today's new religion do not bow down to a physical idol in a traditional...

Philosophy of Religion: Towards a More Humane Approach
Cottingham John
[Paper Back] 9/15/2014

Religious belief is not just about abstract intellectual argument; it also impinges on all ...

Pursuit of the Soul: Psychoanalysis, Soul-Making and the Christian Tradition
Tyler, Peter
[Paper Back] 2/25/2016

One of the most striking features of contemporary psychology is the return of language of the...

Realist Guide to Religion and Science
Robinson, Paul
[Paper Back] 1/15/2018

Leading theologian Matthew Levering presents a thoroughgoing critical survey of the proofs of...

Four Friendships: From Aristotle to Aquinas
Vost, Kevin
[Paper Back] 1/28/2018

In The Four Friendships we undertake to glean the lasting lessons of Aristotle, Cicero, Aelred of...

Particles of Faith: A Catholic Guide to Navigating Science
Trasancos, Stacy A.
[Paper Back] 10/26/2016

What is the origin of life? Hasn't the Catholic Church always been hostile to science? Can a...

Aquinas and Modern Science: A New Synthesis of Faith and Reason
Verschuuren, Dr Gerard
[Paper Back] 11/29/2016

The mission of Aquinas and Modern Science: A New Synthesis of Faith and Reason is precisely to...

Disciplines in the Making: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Elites, Learning, and Innovation
Lloyd G.E.R.
[Hard Paper] 7/1/2009

The organisation of higher education across the world is one of several factors that conspire to...

Christianity and Democracy AND The Rights of Man and the Natural Law
Jacques Maritain
[Paper Back] 2/1/2012

Few political philosophers have laid such stress upon the organic and dynamic characters of human...

Apologia Pro Vita Sua
Newman John Henry
[Paper Back] 10/23/2014

Even before the publication of his masterwork, John Henry Newman had been regarded as one of the...

Dictionary of Philosophy (3rd Edition)
Lacey A R
[Paper Back] 8/15/1996

Providing an illuminating and informed introduction to central philosophical issues, concepts and...


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