The Courage of Faith: Some Philosophical Reflections
Ostovich, Steven T.
[Paper Back] 4/1/2009

Living a courageous life is not easy. It requires a person to find the balance between...

Life's Journey: A Guide from Conception to Growing Up, Growing Old, and Natural Death
Verschuuren, Gerard M
[Paper Back] 2/16/2016

Life's Journey is a rich exploration not only of biology but also of the meaning of life and...

Because God Is Real: Sixteen Questions, One Answer
Peter Kreeft
[Paper Back] 2/1/2008

Atheistic and agnostic writers are aggressively attacking traditional religious beliefs....

Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion
Davies Brian
[Paper Back] 10/30/2003

What does belief in God amount to? Can we reasonably believe in God's existence without...

The Way of Life: John Paul II and the Challenge of Liberal Modernity
Holloway Carson
[Paper Back] 6/25/2008

The passing of John Paul II provoked questions about the Pope, particularly in his relation to...

In the Beginning: A Catholic Scientist Explains How God Made Earth Our Home
Verschuuren, Gerard
[Paper Back] 7/25/2019

The taste of fresh berries, the quiet cadence of waves lapping a lakeshore, the song of an owl in...

Flame Imperishable: Tolkien, St. Thomas, and the Metaphysics of Faerie
McIntosh, Jonathan S.
[Paper Back] 12/26/2017

J. R. R. Tolkien was a profoundly metaphysical thinker, and one of the most formative influences...

More Sir Thomas; Baker-Smith D
[Paper Back] 8/30/2012

In his most famous and controversial book, Utopia, Thomas More imagines a perfect island...

Socrates' Children: Ancient
Kreeft Peter
[Paper Back] 2/11/2019

This is the first of a four-volume history of philosophy . . . on ancient, medieval, modern, and...

Kierkegaard: A Very Short Introduction
Gardiner Patrick
[Paper Back] 12/1/2010

Soren Kierkegaard (1813-55), one of the most original thinkers of the nineteenth century, wrote...

The Enlightenment: A Very Brief History
Kenny, Anthony
[Paper Back] 10/19/2017

Part One: The History (What do we know?) This brief historical introduction to the Enlightenment...

Outgrowing Dawkins: The Case Against Dogmatic Atheism
Shortt, Rupert
[Paper Back] 11/21/2019

But does he even understand what he rejects? Rupert Shortt's answer in Outgrowing Dawkins is ...


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