General Spirituality

40 Days with Labyrinths: Spiritual reflections with labyrinths to 'walk', colour or decorate
Fay Rowland
[Paper Back] 1/1/2023

Labyrinths have been a treasured part of Christian spirituality for centuries. The journey along ...

Touch the Wounds: On suffering, Trust and Transformation
Halik Thomas
[Hard Paper] 3/1/2023

In this masterfully written book, Tomas Halik calls upon Christians to touch the wounds of the...

Questioning God
Timothy Radcliffe, Lukasz Popko
[Paper Back] 7/6/2023

When the Lord first spoke to Samuel in the Old Testament, he did not understand. So it is in the...

In Christ Now Meet Both East and West: On Catholic Eucharistic Action
O'Loughlin Thomas
[Paper Back] 1/15/2023

What does it mean to be a Eucharistic community? In Christ Now Meet Both East and...

You Are Here: Keywords for Life Explorers
Steindl-Rast David
[Paper Back] 5/4/2023

The magnum opus of one of our most important living Catholic authors—a giant in the field ...

Give: Charity and the Art of Living Generously
Magnus Macfarlane-Barrow
[Paper Back] 1/6/2022

From the founder of Mary’s Meals and the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Shed That...

I Want You to Be: On the God of Love
Tomáš Halík
[Hard Paper] 10/19/2019

In his two previous books translated into English, Patience with God and Night of the...

Rainbows and Windmills: 21st Century Spirituality
Peter Tarleton Stewart
[Paper Back] 3/15/2022

Rainbows & Windmills offers an introduction to personal spirituality. Framed through...

Heartbreak, Hope and Holy Moments
Canty Katy
[Paper Back] 9/15/2022

"Our calling as Chaplains is to listen; to sit where they sit and allow them to tell us what...

Doodlings & Doggerel
Campton A David
[Paper Back] 3/22/2022

Doodlings & Doggerel is a wonderful anthology of 60 poems by David A. Campton. Many are...

Halfway Home? Finding Faith in Mid-Life
Herbert Russell
[Paper Back] 6/19/2019

In Halfway Home Russell Herbert helps those reaching the middle point in life to explore some of...

Henri Nouwen: Community
Stephen Lazarus (Ed)
[Hard Paper]

"Community is not a human creation but a divine gift which calls for an obedient response....


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