All in the End Is Harvest New Ed
Whitaker Agnes
[Paper Back] 01/10/1989

Grief is an unknown, frightening landscape into which the bereaved are flung. Before it happens,...

Time to Grieve: How to Come Through Bereavement to Recovery and Growth
Dunn Michael
[Paper Back] 24/02/2006

When a loved one dies, grief is natural, inevitable, and painful. Our reaction depends upon the...

Catholic and Mourning a Loss: 5 Challenges and 5 Opportunities
O'Brien Mauryeen, Dominican Si
[Paper Back] 01/12/2013

5 Challenges Our ability to work through the grieving process will be tested Our life ...

When Your Parent Dies
Fitzpatrick Daniel
[Paper Back] 01/02/2009

When a parent dies, we suffer many losses--from the profound to the everyday. Yet, despite the...

Death Is Only an Horizon
McGreevy, Michael
[Paper Back] 01/04/1989

Soothing Scripture verses, reflections, and quotations explore the bereavement process and offer...

Even Though I Walk
Heras, Magda
[Paper Back] 12/08/2019

"To be honest, at this point only two things interest me: my oncologist's advice and if...

Destiny: Learning to Live by Preparing to Die
Gibson, David
[Paper Back] 15/09/2016

Only a proper perspective on death provides the true perspective on life.Living in the light of...

Prayerbook for the Grieving
D'Arcy Paula
[Paper Back] 31/01/2011

This beautiful, heartfelt, and poignant prayerbook offers readers personal and inspirational...

Living with Grief: Walking the Spiral
Cahill, Bairbre
[Paper Back] 31/07/2015

Grief often follows a spiral path, bringing us back to a place we have been before but at a...

A Good Friend for Bad Times: Helping Others Through Grief
Bowen Deborah E
[Paper Back] 16/08/2004

A Good Friend for Bad Times assists the reader in learning more about the grief process and...

Love Lives On: A Personal Insight into Understanding and Coping with Grief
Moloney Theresa
[Paper Back] 01/04/2012

Sharing the heart-breaking experience of losing both her parents within only days of each other,...

Broken Hallelujahs: Learning to Grieve the Big and Small Losses of Life
Slevcove, Beth Allen
[Paper Back] 14/04/2016

The losses in our lives are both big and small, and cover a range of experiences. We leave home....


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