When a Child Dies: Footsteps of a Grieving Family
O'Shea, Jim
[Paper Back] 01/02/2008

When a Child Dies is an experiential book in which the reader is invited into the minds and ...

Death: The Final Stage of Growth
[Paper Back] 23/06/1997

Ours is a death-denying society. But death is inevitable, and we must face the question of how to...

Anatomy of Survival
Kroll Una
[Paper Back] 31/05/2001

The author draws upon her own experience to explore the spiritual realities of survival. She...

Understanding Suicide: Exposing the World of Pain Within the Suicide Box
Costigan, Lucy
[Paper Back] 31/05/2015

Understanding Suicide shines a light on the problem of suicide in our society. Analysing the...

Early Days of Grieving
Nuttall Derek
[Paper Back] 24/04/2006

This simple and straightforward book is for those who have recently lost a loved one, offering...

20 Answers: End of Life Issues
Negri Jason
[Paper Back] 01/05/2015

An increasingly contentious issue in the 21st century, questions surrounding the Church's...

Grief Keeping
Smith Harold Ivan
[Paper Back] 01/11/2004

This guide can be used by pastors, priests, ministers, psychotherapists, grief counselors, and...

Good Grief: Living with Sorrow and Loss
Duncan, Reverend Malcolm
[Paper Back] 20/03/2020

We all walk through grief and loss. It comes in many shapes and forms. As a husband, father, ...

When You Are Diagnosed with a Life-threatening Illness
Ansorge Jan; etc.; SNOW; Benne
[Paper Back] 15/03/2002

Living with a terminal illness is a challenge none of us wish to face. In this helpful, brief...

Grieving: A Beginners Guide
McCormack Jerusha Hull
[Paper Back] 24/10/2005

'Chances are, if you are reading this, your heart is broken. This short book is designed to help...

A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss
Sittser, Jerry L.
[Hard Paper] 11/12/2004

With vulnerability and honesty, Jerry Sittser walks through his own grief and loss to show that...

Seasons of Grief and Healing
Miller James E
[Paper Back] 11/11/1999

Drawn from Jim Miller's best-selling Winter Grief, Summer Grace, this small book makes a...


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