The Church Rocks
Mary Lea Hill, FSP
[Paper Back] 13/10/2018

The story of the Church is an epic drama, filled with adventure, danger, politics, sacrifice, and...

Look to the Rock The Catholic League and the Anglican Papalist Quest for Reunion
Michael Walsh
[Paper Back] 14/05/2019

This history celebrates the Catholic League, an ecumenical society founded in 1913 to promote the...

A Stranger and You Welcomed Me
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 30/08/2019

“Solidarity, this word that frightens the developed world. People try to avoid saying it....

Why I Am Catholic (and You Should Be Too)
Brandon Vogt
[Paper Back] 22/02/2019

Now in paperback, Brandon Vogt's bestselling and award-winning Why I Am Catholic (and You...

How Christianity Saved Civilization: And Must Do So Again
Mike Aquilina & James L Papandrea
[Paper Back] 17/01/2019

Ancient Rome's brutal culture exploited the weak and considered human life expendable. Women...

Ave Maria: The Mystery of a Most Beloved Prayer
Pope Francis
[Hard Paper] 05/03/2019

"Mary was not omnipotent, she was a normal woman: full of grace, but normal. The power is...

From Hero to Servant to Mystic: Navigating the Deeper Waters of Priestly Spirituality
Scott P Detisch
[Paper Back] 27/03/2019

From Hero to Servant to Mystic addresses both the initial and ongoing formation of priests by...

Hatch, Match, and Dispatch
Richard Leonard, SJ
[Hard Paper] 28/02/2019

Bestselling author Richard Leonard has written an accessible, engaging, and educational journey...

Speaking on God s Behalf: How to be a Great Reader in Church
Fr Oliver Treanor
[Paper Back] 22/11/2018

Speaking on God's Behalf is a celebration of the Ministry of Reader the oldest of the Church ...

Pope Francis On Communications The Digital World
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 28/02/2019

If the internet represents an extraordinary possibility of access to knowledge, it is also true...

Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church
Steve Weidenkopf
[Paper Back] 28/01/2019

Timeless: A History of the Catholic Church is a fresh retelling of the history of the Church. In...

Truth Will Make You Free: The New Evangelization for a Secular Age; A Study in Development
Robert F Leavitt
[Paper Back] 15/03/2019

The available literature on the new evangelization is wide-ranging and focused on issues of...


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