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Summer Reading
Windows Into Christ Colouring Book
Laurence Duthoit
[Paper Back] 01/09/2016

Chartres Cathedral has been a holy pilgrimage destination for centuries, and now colourists of ...

Couriers of Grace: My Daughter, the Sacraments, and a Surprising Walk of Faith
Nancy Jo Sullivan
[Paper Back] 27/04/2017

Testifying to the life-changing and joy - giving power of the sacraments, Catholic author Nancy ...

Spirituality in Photography: Taking pictures with deeper vision
Philip Richter
[Paper Back] 27/04/2017

Millions of photos are taken every day across the world. Some are just snapshots. Others are more...

Prayer Seeds: A Gathering of Blessings, Reflections, and Poems for Spiritual Growth
Joyce Rupp
[Paper Back] 30/04/2017

Some of Sr. Joyce Rupp’s most perennially popular books have been collections of her...

God Is in Control: Promises of Encouragement & Hope
Ellie Claire
[Hard Paper] 08/07/2015

God Is in Control is a collection of Scripture, words from God that He wants you to know....

Waiting for God
Simone Weil
[Paper Back] 01/04/2009

Emerging from the thought-provoking discussions and correspondence Simone Weil had with the...

Colour Your Day: A Spiritual Colouring Book
Marcel Flier
[Paper Back] 16/09/2016

By focusing on the wide variety of illustrations and the selection of inspirational Bible...

Spiritual and Religious: The gospel in an age of paganism
Tom Wright
[Paper Back] 18/05/2017

'I'm spiritual but not religious.' It's a phrase that's often used to explain...

What Mums Want (and Dad's Need to Know)
Harry & Kate Benson
[Paper Back] 20/01/2017

Everyone wants a relationship that lasts. Yet nearly half of all today's parents split up....

Our Lady’s Garden: A Colouring Book for Prayer and Meditation
Veruschka Guerra
[Paper Back] 01/09/2016

Have you ever wished you could be creative, but didn’t know where to begin? How about...

Colour Your World: A Spiritual Colouring Book
Marcel Flier
[Paper Back] 19/02/2016

By focusing on the wide variety of illustrations and the selection of inspirational Bible...

Mysteries of the Rosary: An Adult Coloring Book
Daniel Mitsui
[Paper Back] 31/08/2016

Experience spiritual calm with the first adult colouring book to focus on the Rosary as you ...

On My Way Home: A Hospice Nurse's Journey with Terminal Cancer
Joyce Hutchison
[Paper Back] 03/03/2017

When Hutchison received the diagnosis of stage-four lung cancer, she couldn’t believe it. ...

What Does it All Mean?: Faith's Big Questions
Richard Leonard, SJ
[Hard Paper] 28/02/2017

What Does It All Mean? brings together into one volume three previous works on belief and its...

Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise
Cardinal Robert Sarah
[Paper Back] 15/04/2017

In a time when there is more and more noise, and technology and materialism continue to exert...

To Grow in Love: A Spirituality of Ageing
Brian Grogan
[Paper Back] 12/05/2017

Growing in love is not something we can do on our own; it doesn't just happen to us as ageing...

New Testament and Psalms NAB
[Leather] 30/05/2017

This lightweight, versatile, and easy-to-read volume combining the NABRE translation of the New...

Father Brown and the Ten Commandments: selected Mystery Stories
G. K. Chesterton
[Paper Back] 07/03/2017

This unique collection of Father Brown mysteries links tales by G.K. Chesterton with the Ten...

 Seeking More: A Catholic Lawyer's Guide Based on the Life and Writings of Saint Thomas More
C T Rossi
[Hard Paper] 11/11/2016

Can you be a good lawyer and still be a good Catholic? The short answer is “yes.”...

Night's Bright Darkness: A Modern Conversion Story
Sally Read
[Paper Back] 10/10/2016

A beautifully written story about a British poet's conversion from staunch atheism to devout...

It Is as It Is: A True Story of Hope, Loss and Friendship
Malina Stahre Godyka
[Paper Back] 28/09/2016

What happens when we lose control of our destiny and fate, in the guise of ill health, ...

Therese Vanier: Pioneer of L'Arche, Palliative Care and Spiritual Unity
Ann Shearer
[Paper Back] 28/07/2016

Thérèse Vanier, founder of L'Arche in the UK, was also a distinguished doctor...

Elizabeth of The Trinity, Complete Works of vol. 1
Elizabeth of the Trinity
[Paper Back] 14/06/2014

Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity - Elizabeth Catez, who died in 1906 at the age of 26 in the...

From Atheism to Catholicism: How Scientists and Philosophers Lead Me to the Truth
Kevin Vost
[Paper Back] 01/03/2010

God was dead to Kevin Vost for most of his adult life. Baptised, confirmed, and raised Catholic,...

A Family of Saints: The Martins of Lisieux Saints Therese, Louis, and Zelie
Fr. Stephane-Joseph Piat, OFM
[Paper Back] 29/04/2016

The recent, and unprecedented, canonization by Pope Francis of a husband and wife, Louis and...

The Enthusiast: How the Best Friend of Francis of Assisi Almost Destroyed What He Started
Jon M. Sweeney
[Paper Back] 30/04/2016

The Enthusiast: How the Best Friend of Francis of Assisi Almost Destroyed What He...

Mother Teresa Come Be My Light
Mother Teresa; Br Kolodiejchuk
[Paper Back] 08/06/2008

During her lifelong service to the poorest of the poor, Mother Teresa became an icon of ...

Dorothy Day: Love in Action
Patrick Jordan
[Paper Back] 30/08/2015

By any measure, Dorothy Day lived a fascinating life. She was a journalist, activist, single...

Oscar Romero: Love Must Win Out
Kevin Clarke
[Paper Back] 24/09/2014

People of God is a brand new series of inspiring biographies for the general reader. Each volume...

Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence
Jonathan Sacks
[Paper Back] 19/05/2016

Not in God's Name: Confronting Religious Violence   Despite predictions of...


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