“I have the strength for everything through him

who empowers me.” Philippians 4:13.

Self Help 2023
Living with Alzheimer's: A love story
Thomson Robin
[Paper Back] 6/20/2020

When Robin Thomson and his wife Shoko were told she had Alzheimer's, they had no clue what ...

Learning to Breathe: My Journey With Mental Illness
Newham, Rachael
[Paper Back] 8/16/2018

It begins slowly, so slowly that I hardly notice at first. My chest tightens and my heart begins...

A Prayer Companion Through Cancer
Strickland, Kate
[Paper Back] 4/1/2018

This prayer book has been written for all those suffering with cancer. Over 70 prayers cover the...

The Essential Guide to Children and Separation: Surviving Divorce and Family Break-Up
Croly Jennifer
[Paper Back] 6/15/2013

Parents, grandparents, extended family, friends, teachers, youth workers and counsellors all need...

Parish Safeguarding Handbook
House of Bishops
[Paper Back] 1/1/2019

This essential handbook summarizes the safeguarding responsibilities of parishes, as outlined in...

Holy Sexuality and the Gospel
Yuan Christopher
[Paper Back] 11/20/2018

From the author of Out of a Far Country, which details his dramatic conversion from an agnostic...

Depressive Illness: The Curse of the Strong: Helping Christians Cope with Mental Health Problems
Cantopher, Tim
[Paper Back] 3/15/2018

The last 10 years have seen an upturn in the number of people reporting difficulties with...

Dementia: Living in the Memories of God
Swinton, John
[Paper Back] 1/31/2017

Winner of the Michael Ramsay Prize 2016 Dementia is one of the most feared diseases in Western...

How to be Our Best Self in times of Crisis
Breen, Stuart
[Paper Back] 9/16/2020

How to Be Our Best Self in Times of Crisis helps the reader to understand the body’s...

Bible and Mental Health
Cook Christopher Hamley
[Paper Back] 8/1/2020

Is it possible to develop such a thing as a biblical theology of mental health? How might we...

Master, the One You Love is Ill: Reflections on Illness and Caring for the Sick
Bourke, Eamonn P.
[Paper Back] 7/19/2021

Illness can be a difficult and disturbing experience, challenging us not only physically and...

Finding Peace, Letting Go of Stress and Worry
Ekeh Amy
[Paper Back] 6/19/2019

Stress has stitched itself into the fabric of modern life, slowly but surely weaving its way into...

In the Mystery's Shadow Reflections on Caring for the Elderly & Dying
Swetnam Susan H.
[Paper Back] 4/19/2019

In her book In the Mystery’s Shadow, Susan Swetnam draws on her experience serving...

A Season of Grace: Embracing God's Gifts in the Autumn of Our Lives
Bassett, Carolyn
[Paper Back] 10/1/2017

Every season of our lives is filled with God’s grace, but the aging process can cause...

Domestic Abuse in Church Communities a safe pastoral response
Keane, Dhillon Nikki
[Paper Back] 6/18/2018

Domestic abuse is frighteningly common even within church communities, and an inappropriate...

Dementia Hope On A Difficult Journey
Adrain Treloar
[Paper Back] 11/22/2016

Many people with dementia whom we care for carry with them a strong Christian foundation. This...

Terminal Illness: caring for yourself and others
Toy E./O'Neill C./Jackson S.
[Paper Back] 6/18/2018

The diagnosis of a terminal illness can have devastating consequences on the individual and their...

Who Do You Say You are?: Finding Your True Self in Chronic Illness
Russell, Lucy
[Paper Back] 7/1/2017

This book is an exploration of identity and what makes us who we are. It encourages us to reflect...

Surviving Depression: A Catholic Approach
Kathryn Hermes, FSP
[Paper Back] 3/16/2020

How would it feel to live through periods of emotional fragility and be surrounded by a ...

Cancer: A Pilgrim Companion
Straine, Gillian
[Paper Back] 1/19/2017

Someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer every two minutes. A cancer diagnosis divides life ...

We Are the Lord's
Kirby, Fr Jeffrey, Std
[Paper Back] 6/28/2019

No one likes to think about death and many are not ready for it, either as the patient or a loved...


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