Educational resources for Teachers, School leaders, Chaplains and Students.

Back to School in Scotland
A Year of Mindfulness Guided Meditations for Schools
Clare Campbell
[Paper Back]

This book is for teachers, headteachers and chaplaincy teams who want their schools to be more...

Prayers for Schools: Original prayers and resources for teachers and chaplains
Friel, Raymond
[Paper Back] 1/16/2018

Raymond Friel brings all his experience as a teacher and head-teacher in Catholic schools to this...

Moving On: Looking Back Looking Forward
Rosario Agtarap & Mary Lou Winters, FSP
[Paper Back] 6/30/2009

This book is a colourful and interactive resource for primary school leavers to work through...

Faithmap Year B
Yvonne Fordyce
[Paper Back] 9/1/2005

A bright, inspiring and totally original scheme for celebrating the Liturgy of the Word with ...

Choosing a Catholic School: A Practical Guide
Russi, Sister Judith, SSMN
[Paper Back] 7/31/2016

Choosing a Catholic School will help guide your decision-making at every step. Whether you are a...

Prayer Services for parishes and Schools
Michael A. Cymbala
[Paper Back] 8/1/2013

This practical resource provides forty-seven prayer services for meetings at Catholic parishes ...

Thinking Christian Ethos: The Meaning of Catholic Education
Jones David Albert; Barrie Ste
[Paper Back] 5/1/2015

This book is about the meaning of Catholic education. It is not a book only for practising Roman...

Faithmap Year C
Fordyce Yvonne; Williams Jane
[Paper Back] 8/1/2006

Covering every possible Sunday in Year C, Faithmap is designed to be used, as a whole or in...

Faithmap Year A
Yvonne Fordyce
[Paper Back] 6/1/2007

Covering every possible Sunday in Year A, Faithmap is designed to be used, as a whole or in...

How To Survive In Leadership In A Catholic School
Friel R.
[Paper Back] 1/15/2015

Raymond Friel has written a follow-up book to his and Sr Judith Russi’s book 'How to...

Theology of the Body for Teens: Discovering God's Plan for Love and Life
Ascension Press
[Paper Back] 11/1/2006

"There is little doubt that middle school students are in an often confusing time of quest...

Understanding School Bullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
O'Moore Mona
[Paper Back] 11/30/2010

This book provides a rich understanding of school bullying and the many forms it takes. The ...

Building the Kingdom in the Classroom
Pittam, Fr Matthew
[Paper Back] 11/1/2017

Schools today are complex places with many demands placed on teachers' time and energies....

School Year, Church Year
Mazar Peter
[Paper Back]

This amazing book will walk you through the school year, give you a crash course on the...

Jesus the Good Shepherd - poster
MaryLou Winters, fsp

Size: 98.5 x 54 cm

Poster/USB Jesus the Good Shepherd  Resource Set
MaryLou Winters, fsp
[Poster] 9/8/2010

A perfect resource for schools and church groups in exploring the rich imagery of the Good...

Parable of the Good Samaritan Poster
MaryLou Winters, fsp

Size: 98.5 x 46 cm

Poster/USB Parable of the Good Samaritan Resource for Teaching
MaryLou Winters, fsp
[Mixed Media Product]

A creative resource to facilitate a meaningful reflection and a fun engagement with the parable...

Parable of the Good Samaritan Resource Book

This interactive resource book for primary schools includes: • Scripture background and...

How to Survive Working in a Catholic School
Friel R.
[Paper Back] 9/30/2013

A guide for teachers and support staff. Whether you are practising or lapsed Catholic, practise a...

Gospel Values for Catholic Schools: A Practical Guide for Today
Friel, Raymond
[Paper Back] 1/11/2017

As the title suggests, Friel’s account is rooted firmly in the Gospels and encompasses a...

365 Prayers for Catholic Schools and Parish Youth Groups: Interactive, Seasonal, Traditional
Tassi, Peter
[Paper Back] 8/15/2016

You'll never be at a loss for prayers to use with students or youth groups when you reach for...

Understanding Cyberbullying: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
O'Moore, Mona
[Paper Back] 10/20/2014

This book provides an understanding of cyberbullying and the many forms it takes. It explores the...

Meditation with Children: A Resource for Teachers and Parents
Noel Keating
[Paper Back] 1/28/2018

Children today are living in a fast-paced world where one solitary voice can easily get lost amid...

Great Big Prayer Books for Schools
Cameron Christine
[Paper Back]

This unique prayer book for Key Stage 1-2 contains 2000 prayers which cover the plethora of...

Cross 79/33 Noah's Ark

El Savador Cross 79/34 Noah's Ark 40cm

Cross 2/32 Children of the World

El Salvador Cross 2/32 Children of the World 15 cm

ESV-CE Catholic Bible, Anglicized Schools Edition with beautiful colour illustrations (ESV-CE, English Standard Version-Catholic Edition)
English Standard Version
[Hard Paper] 2/18/2021

Beloved by millions around the world, the English Standard Version of the Bible is ideal for...


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