Aware that Safeguarding is a high priority regulatory issue, the Daughters of St Paul made available also to members of staff our Policy on safeguarding which states:


The Daughters of St Paul in Great Britain are committed to respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each person entrusted to their care. The procedures for good practice which we follow are in conformity with the policies and procedures which are in place in those areas where our Sisters minister and they provide a framework for those who exercise a ministry involving children, young people, and vulnerable adults, so that they can carry out those ministries with confidence.

The Congregation in England and Scotland requires all sisters and staff who have regular contact with children, young people, and vulnerable adults, to have an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate. As a Congregation of Religious ministering in England and Scotland we are committed to educating the Sisters, staff members and volunteers who work for the Congregation in matters relating to the safeguarding of children, young people, and vulnerable adults. Training is arranged for Sisters and personnel, updating them in matters relating to policies and practice. As a Congregation we are attentive both to the human person and to the individual situation of each one, have special regard for the total well-being of each person.

We recognise the personal dignity of children, young people and vulnerable adults, their inherent right to bodily integrity which is to be respected, nurtured and protected by all.

We recognise the need to create a safe environment at all times. We are committed to creating and ensuring a safe environment for children, young people and vulnerable adults to promote their safeguarding and welfare.

We co-operate with relevant statutory and church agencies to ensure that any concerns or allegations are reported in a prompt and appropriate manner.

            We are committed to fostering a culture of safeguarding.


We will work in unity and collaborate with the statutory agencies, Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency (CSSA), the Religious Life Safeguarding Service, and the Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service (SCSS). A copy of this Policy is available in each of our communities in Great Britain. This policy is reviewed annually by the Trustees.


It is the Congregation’s policy to refer all allegations to the Safeguarding Agency and the statutory authorities. Religious Sisters or staff subject to concerns or allegations of abuse will be removed immediately from active ministry. Allegations and concerns will be referred to the Safeguarding Lead for the Congregation for referral to the appropriate Safeguarding Agency and any appropriate statutory authorities for management throughout the process.


The Safeguarding Representative for the Congregation is:  Sr Elaine Penrice




Faithful to our charism, evangelisation through the media of social communication, we look for ways of responding to the spiritual needs of our contemporaries, by means adapted to each age and culture.



Those who have suffered abuse will receive a compassionate and just response and will be offered appropriate pastoral care to rebuild their lives:

Those who have harmed others will be helped to face up to the reality of abuse, as well as being assisted in healing.



As Daughters of St Paul we collaborate with the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Authority (CSSA), the Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service (SCSS), and the Religious Life Safeguarding Service (RLSS). All sisters and staff are offered opportunities to access training and are encouraged by leadership to participate.



This policy is reviewed regularly by the Delegate Superior and Trustees.

All sisters are updated about safeguarding best practice in their respective areas of responsibilities.


All members of the Daughters of St Paul and employees are informed about how to respond to allegations or concerns.

Responding to Allegations or Concerns

Where information about a disclosure becomes known to a person within the organisation (or you wish to speak to someone about your own personal circumstances), then action must be taken to ensure that children, young people or vulnerable adults are not put at continued risk and a proper investigation takes place.

You can speak to a member of the Safeguarding Team or, if there is immediate risk, to the police or local authority of children’s or adult’s services. 

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