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Querida Amazonia: Amazon: new paths for the Church and for an integral ecology
Pope Francis
[Paper Back]

The Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation on the Amazon Region has been published. The document...

First Holy Communion My Life with Jesus
MaryLou Winters, FSP
[Hard Paper]

First Holy Communion is joyfully presented in the context of my life with Jesus, which began...

Evangelization and Ideology
Matthew R Petrusek
[Hard Paper]

Secular political ideologies attempt to provide a total view of reality without reference to the...

Balaam's Donkey: Random Ruminations for Every Day of the Year
Casey, Michael
[Paper Back]

Balaam's Donkey is a series of daily reflections based on the homilies preached by Cistercian...

And Now I See A Theology of Transformation
Barron Robert
[Hard Paper]

“All I know is I was blind, and now I see.” These words from the Gospel of...

DVD Outside the City
[DVD Audio]

The monks of Mt St Bernard Abbey, a community of 25 men, are opening the first Trappist brewery ...

Priest DVD
Michael Whyte
[DVD Audio]

From Baptism to Last Rites, from the beginning of Lent to Easter Sunday, PRIEST follows Father...

Newman: A Short Introduction
Chadwick Owen
[Paper Back]

The religious leader John Henry Newman (1801-1890) started his long career as a devout ...

The Imitation of Christ
Thomas á Kempis

Originally published anonymously in the early 15th century, The Imitation of Christ is probably...



Mercy Not Sacrifice Lenten Daily Reflections
Marc-David Janus, CSP
[Paper Back]

As Christians, we are often told that Lent is a time when we must sacrifice in order to be worthy...

Bible NKJ Geneva Study Bible

This unique study Bible helps you understand the great doctrines and themes of the Christian ...

2 Corinthians Wisdom Commentary 48
Wire, Antoinette Clark
[Hard Paper]

Looking at Paul’s writing through a feminist lens, this volume asks questions focused ...

Colouring Jesus: Colour Your Own Bible Comics!
Gillett, Flix
[Paper Back]

A perfect activity for older children aged 7-9 to engage them with Bible stories about Jesus. Key...

Icon 8/61 Twelve Apostles 18x13.50 cm

Wooden Icon: Measures 17 cms x 13 cms x 1.5 cms Designed for wall hanging.

Do It Afraid: Embracing Courage in the Face of Fear
Meyer Joyce
[Paper Back]

Fear will never entirely disappear from your life, but you can confront and overcome it! Courage...

Prophetic Witnesses to Joy: A Theology of the Vowed Life
Mousseau Juliet
[Paper Back]

A life of consecration prefigures what Christians hope for by calling into question the value of...

Make it Grow
Littledale Richard
[Paper Back]

Encourage children to care for the planet with these 10 fun gardening projects and reflections.

The Ministry  of Spiritual Direction
Drennan Michael
[Paper Back]

This book seeks to provide a broad vision of the ministry of spiritual direction, with insights...


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