Help yourself during this troubled period by reading holy books.

This reading provides excellent food for the soul and conduces

to great progress along the path of perfection.

By no means is it inferior to what we obtain

through prayer and holy meditation.

Before beginning to read, raise your mind to the Lord

and implore Him

to guide your mind Himself, to speak to your heart

and move your will.

 - St. Padre Pio



New Books 2023
Pope Francis on Eucharist 100 Daily Meditations for Adoration
Kyler John Editor
[Paper Back] 1/15/2023

Eucharist is the centre of our Christian life, for it forms us into who and whose we are called ...

Stations of the Cross: In Light of the Work of the Society of St Vincent De Paul
Bogan Gerard
[Paper Back] 1/23/2023

Walk alongside Jesus in his passion and Cross and be prepared to walk with compassion alongside...

Holy Sacrifice of the Mass DO963
Mason Reed Barbara
[Paper Back] 1/23/2023

Every time the Mass is celebrated something astonishing occurs: the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on...

Not by Bread Alone: Daily Reflections for Lent 2023
Swetnam Susan H.
[Paper Back] 11/15/2022

Prayerfully journey through Lent with fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass ...

Mercy Not Sacrifice Lenten Daily Reflections
Janus Marc-David
[Paper Back] 2/7/2023

As Christians, we are often told that Lent is a time when we must sacrifice in order to be worthy...

Food for the Soul Cycle A
Peter Kreeft
[Hard Paper] 10/24/2022

Vatican II called the Bible “the support and energy of the Church,” “the pure...

POPE BENEDICT XVI Behind the Scenes
Various, Sr Janet Fearns (Ed)
[Paper Back] 1/1/2023

This book presents some aspects of the background story of Benedict XVI, as offered by ...

The Way of the Cross: Meditations on Encountering Jesus
Halik Tomas
[Paper Back] 3/7/2023

Available March 2023 Halík reflects an inclusive, accessible spirit that will appeal to...

Sacred Space for Lent 2023
Irish Jesuits
[Paper Back] 1/1/2022

The Sacred Space website, an inspiration of the Irish Jesuits, continues to be one of the most...

Way of Thomas Merton A Prayer Journey through Lent
Inchausti Robert
[Paper Back] 11/17/2022

The Way of Thomas Merton guides you through the major themes of Merton's work and shows how...

Becoming the Good News: A New Approach to Parish Evangelization
Sanem Michael
[Paper Back] 4/15/2023

Perhaps you have seen the signs of the times. Religious faith, on the whole, is declining, and ...

In Christ Now Meet Both East and West: On Catholic Eucharistic Action
O'Loughlin Thomas
[Paper Back] 1/15/2023

What does it mean to be a Eucharistic community? In Christ Now Meet Both East and...

You Are Here Keywords for Life Explorers
Steindl-Rast David
[Paper Back] 5/4/2023

The magnum opus of one of our most important living Catholic authors—a giant in the field ...

Walking Together The Way of Synodality
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 3/6/2023

"Synodality is not a chapter in an ecclesiology textbook, much less a fad or a slogan to be...

A Place for Us A Lenten Course Based on West Side Story
Byrne Lavinia
[Paper Back] 11/30/2022

A Place for Us is an original Lent course based on the recent film production of West Side Story...

Benedict XVI A Life Volume One
Seewald Peter
[Paper Back] 1/19/2023

By any reckoning, the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI was extraordinary, with moments of high drama....

Benedict XVI A Life Vol. 1
Seewald Peter
[Paper Back] 1/19/2023

Emeritus Pope Benedict commanded both adulation and unremitting criticism. To millions, he was a...

Lead Kindly Light. Essays for Fr Ian Ker
Paul Shrimpton, Ed.
[Paper Back] 11/1/2022

Seventeen distinguished scholars have contributed to this festschrift published in honour of Fr...

Catholic Discordance Neoconservatism vs. the Field Hospital Church of Pope Francis
Borghesi Massimo
[Hard Paper] 3/12/2021

One element of the church that Pope Francis was elected to lead in 2013 was an ideology that ...


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