New Books 2021
Liturgical Desk Calendar 2022

Liturgical information and daily readings are noted in the Liturgical Desk Calendar. The listings...

Catholic Christianity in Evolution: The Spiritual Prophecy of Teilhard de Chardin
Sage, Alan
[Paper Back] 6/1/2021

Christianity, and its theological and spiritual underpinnings, does not fulfil the needs of ...

Cross Roads Reflections
Young Wm Paul
[Hard Paper] 11/21/2013

The powerful story found in Cross Roads inspired and encouraged readers around the...

A Place to Belong: Letters from Catholic Women
[Hard Paper] 5/1/2021

What does it mean to be a Catholic woman? A Place to Belong: Letters from Catholic...

Sacred Space Advent & Christmas 2021-2022
The Irish Jesuits
[Paper Back] 7/12/2021

Advent, a joyful time of preparation for the birth of Jesus, can be further enriched with Sacred...

Seeing the Pandemic with Eyes of Faith
Millico, Fr Ivano
[Paper Back] 2/19/2021

So much has been said and written about the Covid Pandemic which has generated more heat than...

Calendar 91/C22 Icon & Word 2022
[Mixed Media Product]

NOW AVAILABLE   Icon & Word 2022 Calendar • An original format and...

Between Heaven and Hell: A Dialog Somewhere Beyond Death with John F. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis and Aldous Huxley
Kreeft, Peter
[Paper Back] 9/7/2021

On November 22, 1963, three great men died within a few hours of each other: C. S. Lewis, John F....

St Paul Sunday Missal 2022
[Paper Back]

Main Features: Handy format (110 x 165mm) For use in England, Scotland, Wales and...

Sacred Space: The Prayerbook 2022
The Irish Jesuits
[Paper Back] 7/19/2021

Sacred Space: The Prayer Book will inspire you to a richer daily spiritual experience...

Wonders of the Living World (Text Only Version): Curiosity, Awe, and the Meaning of Life
Bancewicz, Ruth
[Paper Back] 5/21/2021

The living world is beautiful, intricate, and highly ordered. Organisms flourish across virtually...

Time to Call Home
O'Donnell, Hugh
[Hard Paper] 4/28/2021

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, rarely a day goes by when we are not bombarded with distressing...

Escape from Evil's Darkness
Spitzer S J, Robert
[Paper Back] 3/2/2021

In this second volume of the Called Out of Darkness trilogy, Father Robert Spitzer, S.J., draws...

Saint Ignatius of Loyola: A Convert's Story
Patrick Corkery, SJ
[Paper Back] 4/26/2021

St. Ignatius had a dramatic conversion which shattered not only his leg but all his previous...

Counsels of the Holy Spirit: A Reading of St Ignatius's Letters
Patrick Goujon, SJ
[Paper Back] 4/19/2021

Many books have already been written on spiritual counselling, especially in the Ignatian...

Ignatian Spirituality and Interreligious Dialogue: Reading Love's Mystery
Barnes Michael
[Paper Back] 4/19/2021

This is a book about dialogue, specifically about the dialogue between religions. But it is also ...

Daily Mass Record Book 2022

Includes more than 14 months, from the first Sunday of Advent through January of the following...

Antiquum Ministerium Do 960 Lay Catechists
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 5/12/2021

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter surveys the ancient ministry of catechist, beginning with...

What Is Man?: A Journey Through Biblical Anthropology
The Pontifical Biblical Commission
[Hard Paper] 3/25/2021

Published in English for the first time, this is the full text of Che cosa e l'uomo?, the...

The Best Catholics in the World: The Irish, the Church and the End of a Special Relationship
Scally, Derek
[Paper Back] 3/18/2021

When Dubliner Derek Scally goes to Christmas Eve Mass on a visit home from Berlin, he finds more...

Discerning the Gold in Human Experience: Leadership Faith and Organizations
Christine Anderson, FCJ
[Paper Back] 5/10/2021

This book is a passionate and enthusiastic account of the life of a Religious Sister in the ...

Heart To Heart: A Cardinal Newman Prayer Book
Newman John Henry
[Paper Back] 12/2/2011

Heart to Heart: A Cardinal Newman Prayer Book is a comprehensive gathering of the luminous ...

The Bible in a Flash: A Lightning Tour from Creation to the End of Time
Law, Philip
[Paper Back] 8/19/2021

Highly readable and filled with dynamic illustrations, The Bible in a Flash is the perfect...

Seeing Differently: Franciscans and Creation
Br. Samuel, SSF
[Paper Back] 1/30/2021

This timely book brings together the stories of St Francis - his preaching to birds, rejection of...

Unknown product
McAinsh, Ronald J.
[Paper Back] 6/30/2018

Fr Ronnie McAinsh, the Provincial of the London Province of the Redemptorists, has adapted the...

U Got 2 Love
Fr Stan Fortuna , CFR
[Paper Back] 9/1/2009

In order to love, individuals need to know they are loved in return. Fortune shows how the love ...

A Millennial in Paradise: Carlo Acutis
Fr Will Conquer
[Paper Back] 6/22/2021

In each generation, heroes of the Faith, whom the Church recognizes as saints, emerge. There are...

A Season of Grace: Embracing God's Gifts in the Autumn of Our Lives
Bassett, Carolyn
[Paper Back] 10/1/2017

Every season of our lives is filled with God’s grace, but the aging process can cause...

Children's Daily Prayer 2021-2022
Hardenson Karla
[Paper Back]

The heart of this annual resource is a simple order of prayer for each day or week that can be...

All Things Bright And Beautiful
Jean Claude
[Paper Back] 3/19/2020

  All Things Bright and Beautiful All Creatures Great and Small All Things Wise and...

Book of Wonders
Taylor Alex
[Hard Paper] 9/18/2020

Ever wondered how your eye works? Or what caused the formation of the universe? Then Book of...

Praying by Hand Praying with Beads
Thomas Ryan, CSP
[Paper Back] 5/7/2019

By and large, the only reference most Christians of other denominations have for prayer with ...

Thomas Merton: An Introduction to His Life, Teachings, and Practices
Sweeney, Jon M.
[Paper Back] 7/27/2021

Thomas Merton was a Trappist monk and one of the most influential spiritual figures of the 20th...

At Home With the Word 2021
Rebekah Eklund
[Paper Back]

At Home with the Word guides readers to a deeper understanding of the Sunday Scriptures, ...

Union With God: According to St. John of the Cross
Fr Gabriel of St Mary Magdalen
[Paper Back] 7/25/2019

Christian perfection consists in the twofold way of charity: service of neighbour and our...

Music of Eternity: Meditations for Advent with Evelyn Underhill: The Archbishop of York's Advent Book 2021
Wrigley-Carr, Dr Robyn
[Paper Back] 8/19/2021

Beloved spiritual writer Evelyn Underhill believed that God does not just come to us at special...

In the Mystery's Shadow Reflections on Caring for the Elderly & Dying
Swetnam, Susan H.
[Paper Back] 4/19/2019

In her book In the Mystery’s Shadow, Susan Swetnam draws on her experience serving...

The Catholic Faith Explained
Stephen Wang
[Paper Back]

Do you want to understand the Christian faith? Have you ever wondered about the meaning of...

Spirit of Catholicism, The
Boland OP, Vivian
[Hard Paper] 11/25/2021

The Catholic Church seems to be in serious crisis - disfigured by scandals, divided by...

Blessed Carlo Acutis: Five Steps to Being a Saint
Mgr Anthony Figueiredo
[Paper Back] 2/8/2021

Discover the life of Blessed Carlo Acutis, the computer geek on his way to sainthood, and unpack...

Catholic Children's Bible, Anglicized edition with beautiful colour illustrations (ESV-CE, English S
English Standard Version
[Hard Paper] 2/18/2021

NOW AVAILABLE Beloved by millions around the world, the English Standard Version of the Bible...

Dancing at the Still Point: Retreat Practices for a Busy Life
Gemma Simmonds
[Paper Back] 7/15/2021

Retreats give us a space for contemplation and developing our relationship with God, but they...

The World, the Flesh and the Devil: What Do We Do With Evil?
Rohr, Richard
[Paper Back] 6/17/2021

In this small but masterly-crafted book, Richard Rohr addresses what Christianity views as the...

Every Thing is Sacred: 40 Practices and Reflections on The Universal Christ
Richard Rohr
[Paper Back] 2/9/2021

In his landmark book, The Universal Christ, Richard Rohr articulated a transformative view of ...

ESV-CE Catholic Bible, Anglicized Deluxe Soft-tone Edition (ESV-CE, English Standard Version-Catholic Edition)
English Standard Version
[Paper Back] 2/18/2021

NOW AVAILABLE  Beloved by millions around the world, the English Standard Version of the...

ESV-CE Catholic Bible, Anglicized Standard Edition (ESV-CE, English Standard Version-Catholic Edition)
English Standard Version
[Hard Paper] 2/18/2021

NOW AVAILABLE Beloved by millions around the world, the English Standard Version of the Bible...

The Law of Love: Modern Language for Ancient Wisdom
Richard Leonard, SJ
[Paper Back] 2/15/2021

Meditations on the sources of formation in Christian approach to law, its application to...


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