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Johann Sebastian Bach: A Very Brief History
Andrew Gant
[Hard Paper] 20/10/2018

Part One: The History (What do we know?) This brief historical introduction to Bach explores the...

Five Events That Made Christianity: Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Ascension and Pentecost
John Pritchard
[Paper Back] 15/11/2018

With characteristic style, John Pritchard takes us on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, as he unpacks...

The Way of Ignatius: A Prayer Journey through Lent
Gemma Simmonds, CJ
[Paper Back] 15/11/2018

Isn’t a deep prayer life only for religious specialists? In this introduction to the...

Awakening Inner Peace: A Little Book of Hours
Stanislaus Kennedy
[Paper Back] 31/10/2018

In medieval times, monks divided the day into eight hours of guided prayer: Matins, Lauds, Prime,...

Meditations To Grow In Self Esteem
Marie Paul Curley, FSP
[Paper Back] 18/06/2018

For most of us, finding time to pause for prayer and meditation can be difficult--but it's...

Mary, Mother of Apostles: How to Live Marian Devotion to Proclaim Christ
Giuseppe Forlai
[Paper Back] 01/08/2018

Mary, Mother of Apostles will help you explore the Mariology of the founder of the Pauline ...

Splendor of Marriage: St. John Paul II's Vision of Love, Marriage, Family, and the Culture of Life
Richard A. Spinello
[Paper Back] 12/06/2018

The Splendor of Marriage is essential reading for anyone interested in the thought of Pope...

The Book of Margery Kempe
Tony D. Triggs
[Paper Back] 15/08/2018

Dating from the fifteenth century, The Book of Margery Kempe is the first known autobiography in...

A Guide To Bible Basics
Tyler D. Mayfield
[Paper Back] 18/06/2018

What’s actually in the Bible? Where do we find the story of Moses or Jesus’ parable ...

When God Gave Us Words
Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
[Hard Paper] 30/09/2018

There are long words and short words, nice words and mean words. There are silly words, scary...

Dementia from the Inside: A Doctor's Personal Journey of Hope
Jennifer Bute; Louise Morse
[Paper Back] 15/11/2018

Jennifer Bute was a highly qualified senior doctor in a large clinical practice, whose patients...

Sharing the Wisdom of Time
Pope Francis
[Hard Paper] 27/10/2018

This book began in prayer and grew as a labour of love. Following Dear Pope Francis, the Pope...

Tradition: Understanding Christian Tradition
Gerald O'Collins, SJ
[Hard Paper] 08/11/2018

A 1963 report on tradition from the Faith and Order Commission of the World Council of Churches...

The Resilient Disciple: A Lenten Journey from Adversity to Maturity
Justine Allain-Chapman
[Paper Back] 15/11/2018

Alone on an 8-day retreat in the Egyptian desert, Justine Allain Chapman experienced first-hand...

Building the Benedict Option: A Guide to Gathering Two or Three Together in His Name
Leah Libresco
[Paper Back] 18/09/2018

Building the Benedict Option is a combination spiritual memoir and practical handbook for...

God Is Young: A Conversation
Pope Francis
[Hard Paper] 02/10/2018

God Is Young: A Conversation Hardback  Sewn  128pages  h198mm  x ...

Youcat Companion (Leaders Manual)
[Hard Paper] 20/08/2018

Youcat Companion (Leaders Manual) YOUCAT Companion is inspired by the words of Pope Benedict...

Youcat Companion (Participants Book)
[Hard Paper] 20/08/2018

Youcat Companion (Participants Book) 72 pages YOUCAT Companion is inspired by the words of...

A Spring Within Us: A Year of Daily Meditations
Richard Rohr
[Hard Paper] 18/10/2018

In these daily reflections, Richard Rohr invites us to rediscover the spring hidden inside each...

Touched by God: The way to contemplative prayer
Luigi Gioia
[Paper Back] 20/09/2018

Luigi Gioia's Say it to God was chosen for the 2018 Archbishop of Canterbury's...

The shattering of Loneliness
Erik Varden, OCSO
[Paper Back] 20/09/2018

The experience of loneliness is as universal as hunger or thirst. Because it affects us more...

Faith And Politics
Joseph Ratzinger
[Paper Back] 02/07/2018

Pope Francis, in his foreword, states that one of the major themes in the thought of Joseph...

Haunted by Christ: Modern Writers and the Struggle for Faith
Richard Harries
[Hard Paper] 20/09/2018

W. H. Auden, T. S. Eliot, William Golding, Elizabeth Jennings, C. S. Lewis, Flannery ...

Buying God: Consumerism and Theology
Eve Poole
[Paper Back] 20/08/2018

Christians are deeply concerned about consumerism but lack the tools to be able to engage...

We Need One Another: Responding to God's Call to Live Together
Jean Vanier
[Paper Back] 04/09/2018

In April 2008, Jean Vanier led a simple retreat in Nyahururu, Kenya - a place that, not long...

Stumbling in Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church
Brian P. Flanagan
[Paper Back] 25/09/2018

In Stumbling in Holiness, professor and theologian Brian P. Flanagan addresses the ways in which...

Religion Hurts: Why Religions do Harm as Well as Good
John Bowker
[Hard Paper] 20/10/2018

The world contains a bewildering variety of religions, and an equally bewildering variety of...

 You are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living
Henri J. M. Nouwen
[Paper Back] 20/09/2018

You are the Beloved: Daily Meditations for Spiritual Living 416pp  h201mm  x ...

Paul: A Biography
Tom Wright
[Paper Back] 27/02/2018

This compelling reconstruction of the life and thought of St Paul paints a vivid picture of the...

The Fourth Cup: Unveiling the Mystery of the Last Supper and the Cross
Scott Hahn
[Hard Paper] 15/03/2018

In this brilliant book–part memoir, part detective story, and part biblical...

The Path to Change
Pope Francis with Dominique Wolton
[Hard Paper] 09/08/2018

Reduced Price... WHILE STOCKS LAST   A fascinating insight into Jorge Mario...

Paths to Inner Peace: Living with Less Stress
Peter M Kalellis
[Paper Back] 30/06/2018

Written from practical and real life experiences, Paths to Inner Peace offers the reader ways to...

Catherine of Siena
Andrea Vauchez
[Paper Back] 30/06/2018

Catherine of Siena 256pp  h203mm  x  w137mm 

A Theology of the Presence and Absence of God
Anthony J. Godzieba
[Paper Back] 24/05/2018

A Theology of the Presence and Absence of God 340pp  h226mm  x  w152mm ...

Happy to be Holy: A guide to Pope Francis' message Gaudete et Exsultate
Alan Hilliard
[Paper Back] 02/07/2018

How can we know what it is to be holy? What difference can holiness make in our lives? Far from...

Understanding the Sacraments of Vocation: A Rite-Based Approach
Randy Stice
[Paper Back] 20/11/2017

Understanding the Sacraments of Vocation presents insightful catechesis or mystagogy on the...

You Are In My Heart: Wisdom for a New Generation
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 01/07/2018

You Are In My Heart: Wisdom for a New Generation 408 pages 8cm x 12cm x...

Just This: Prompts And Practices For Contemplation
Richard Rohr
[Paper Back] 21/06/2018

Just This is a collection of brief and evocative meditations and practices. It invites us to...

Grenfell Hope: Ravaged by Fire But Not Destroyed
Gaby Doherty
[Paper Back] 14/06/2018

Gaby and her husband Sean and their four children live in a flat across from Grenfell Tower, and...

Touch and the Healing of the World
Daniel B. Hinshaw
[Paper Back] 01/09/2017

Touch and the Healing of the World explores one of the most familiar yet profound of human...

Saints of Our Time: From Edith Stein to Oscar Romero
John Murray
[Paper Back] 21/05/2015

A collection of almost 50 portraits of modern day saints, which first appeared in The Sacred ...

God Ever Greater: Exploring Ignatian Spirituality
Brian O'Leary, SJ
[Paper Back] 17/09/2018

In recent years Ignatian spirituality has experienced a resurgence. There has been a widespread...

Wisdom From Pope Paul VI
Mary Leonora Wilson, FSP
[Paper Back] 18/06/2018

With amazing courage Pope Paul VI faced hardship in his papacy and held steadfast to hope, ...


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