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What Does it All Mean?: Faith's Big Questions
Richard Leonard, SJ
[Hard Paper] 28/02/2017

What Does It All Mean? brings together into one volume three previous works on belief and its...

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Prayer Seeds: A Gathering of Blessings, Reflections, and Poems for Spiritual Growth
Joyce Rupp
[Paper Back] 30/04/2017

Some of Sr. Joyce Rupp’s most perennially popular books have been collections of her...

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Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise
Cardinal Robert Sarah
[Paper Back] 15/04/2017

In a time when there is more and more noise, and technology and materialism continue to exert...

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The Light Shines on in the Darkness: Transforming Suffering Through Faith
Robert J. Spitzer, SJ
[Paper Back] 10/04/2017

Why would an all-loving God allow suffering? Aren't suffering and love opposed to one ...

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Hello, Sister Bee: Laudato Si' Retold for Children
Luigi Ferraresso; Fabrizio Zubani
[Paper Back] 17/05/2017

Water is very precious. The sky and the earth are beautiful and bountiful. And so are all...

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Prayer in the Catholic Tradition: A Handbook of Practical Approaches
Robert J. Wicks
[Hard Paper] 01/12/2016

Within the Catholic tradition, there are many ways to pray. Yet, while there are smaller books,...

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Be Transformed: The Healing Power of the Sacraments
Bob Schuchts
[Paper Back] 30/03/2017

Based on more than thirty-five years of experience as a therapist and decades spent leading...

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In Celebration of Love
Anne White
[Paper Back] 28/02/2017

A new reprint of Anne White’s popular reflections on the painting of Sieger Köder: The...

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Spiritual and Religious: The gospel in an age of paganism
Tom Wright
[Paper Back] 18/05/2017

'I'm spiritual but not religious.' It's a phrase that's often used to explain...

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John the Baptist, Forerunner
Jerome Kodell
[Paper Back] 30/01/2017

A fiery preacher and humble servant to the coming kingdom of God, John the Baptist prepared the...

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Love Bade me Welcome
Magdalen Lawler
[Paper Back] 01/02/2016

Reflections on the Eucharist in the Art of Sieger Köder 64 pages   George...

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Longing to See Your Face: Preaching in a Secular Age
Thomas J. Scirghi
[Paper Back] 30/03/2017

Thomas Scirghi, SJ, has trained priests, deacons, and lay ecclesial ministers in the art and...

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Wisdom of the Body: A Contemplative Journey to Wholeness for Women
Christine Valters Paintner
[Paper Back] 30/04/2017

The distorted view of the perfect female body created by popular culture, television, movies, and...

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Bored Again Catholic
Timothy P. O'Malley
[Paper Back]

Are you BORED? Not likely, given the endless opportunities today to see, share, post, watch, and...

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Fatima, the First Hundred Years: The Complete Story from Visionaries to Saints
Barry R. Pearlman
[Paper Back] 01/05/2017

On October 13th, 1917, some seventy thousand spectators in Fatima’s Cova de Iria bore...

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 The Catholics: The Church and its People in Britain and Ireland, from the Reformation to the Presen
Roy Hattersley
[Hard Paper] 02/03/2017

"The story of Catholicism in Britain from the Reformation to the present day, from a master...

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Martin Luther: Catholic Dissident
Peter Stanford
[Hard Paper] 16/03/2017

The 31st of October 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther pinning his 95...

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The Great Mystery: Science, God and the Human Quest for Meaning
Alister McGrath, DPhil, DD
[Hard Paper] 04/05/2017

There is currently a huge interest in the question of human nature and identity, and what the...

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To Grow in Love: A Spirituality of Ageing
Brian Grogan
[Paper Back] 12/05/2017

Growing in love is not something we can do on our own; it doesn't just happen to us as ageing...

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Finding Confidence in Times of Trial: Letters of St. John of Avila
St. John of Avila
[Paper Back] 12/06/2012

Meet the newest doctor of the Catholic Church. St. John of Avila (1500-1569) led an authentic...

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Vesper Time: The Spiritual Practice of Growing Older
Frank Cunningham
[Paper Back] 30/03/2017

With humour and grace, the author explores the idea that growing old, all by itself, is a...

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Doves in Crimson Fields: Iraqi Christian Martyrs
Robert Ewan
[Paper Back] 31/03/2017

Christianity has been firmly established in Iraq for nearly two thousand years, but from the...

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James Martin: Essential Writings
James T. Keane
[Paper Back] 30/04/2017

Gathered here together for the first time are selections from the writings of James Martin, S.J.,...

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A Line Through the Human Heart: On Sinning and Being Forgiven
James V. Schall, SJ
[Paper Back] 22/11/2016

Who does not long for a "sinless" world where nothing we do goes wrong, nothing we do...

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 Shouldering the Lamb : Reflections of an Icon
Richard Clarke
[Paper Back] 03/04/2017

Shouldering the Lamb offers eleven meditations revolving around the ancient figure of the ...

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The Heart of Centering Prayer: Nondual Christianity in Theory and Practice
Cynthia Bourgeault
[Paper Back] 13/01/2017

Centering Prayer is the path to a wonderful and radical new way of seeing the world. It is not, ...

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20s/30s Ministry: A Guide for Parishes
Nicholas Lombardo
[Paper Back] 03/02/2017

This guide offers an adaptable, open-ended model for parish-based young adult ministry. It was...

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On My Way Home: A Hospice Nurse's Journey with Terminal Cancer
Joyce Hutchison
[Paper Back] 03/03/2017

When Hutchison received the diagnosis of stage-four lung cancer, she couldn’t believe it. ...

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The Splash of Words: Believing in poetry
Mark Oakley
[Paper Back] 16/06/2016

Like throwing a pebble into water, a poem causes a ‘splash of words’ whose ripples ...

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Doubt, Faith, and Certainty
Anthony C. Thiselton
[Paper Back] 30/04/2017

Doubt, faith, certainty. In this book celebrated theologian Anthony Thiselton provides clarity on...

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5 Minutes with the Psalms and the Wisdom Books
Louis A. DelFra
[Paper Back] 27/04/2017

Continuing the tradition of 5 Minutes with Christ and 5 Minutes with the Saints,...

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Who Am I to Judge?: Responding to Relativism with Logic and Love
Edward Sri
[Paper Back] 01/02/2017

In an age in which preference has replaced morality, many people find it difficult to speak the...

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Saint Mary Magdalene: Prophetess of Eucharistic Love
Fr Sean Davidson
[Paper Back] 02/02/2017

Adoration is love, and Eucharistic adoration is love of Christ present in the Blessed Sacrament....

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 Seeking More: A Catholic Lawyer's Guide Based on the Life and Writings of Saint Thomas More
C T Rossi
[Hard Paper] 11/11/2016


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The Holy Spirit, Fire of Divine Love
Wilfred Stinissen
[Paper Back] 19/01/2017

Acclaimed spiritual writer Fr. Wilfrid Stinissen presents insightful reflections on the Holy...

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The Way of Prayer: A Commentary on Saint Teresa's Way of Perfection
Ignatius Press
[Paper Back] 02/02/2017

This acclaimed commentary on Saint Teresa of Avila's classic work, Way of Perfection,...

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Faith Inside: A Guide for Catholics in Prison - Leaders' Book
Eddie McGhee
[Paper Back] 10/10/2016

Faith Inside is a programme of Catholic teaching designed specifically for those who are in ...

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Enriching Our Vision of Reality: Theology and the Natural Sciences in Dialogue
Alister McGrath
[Paper Back] 20/10/2016

In this exceptional volume, Alister McGrath writes for scientists with an interest in theology,...

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