From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise

Matthew 21:16

Puline Little Angels
Uniquely You
Joyce Meyer
[Hard Paper] 6/1/2022

Do you ever wish you looked more like your friend? Or maybe you wish you were better at ...

Looking After Our Planet
Daynes Katie; Faccioli Illaria
[Hard Paper] 10/29/2020

Looking after our planet is an inspiring flap book, exploring the problems facing our planet ...

Where Do I Come From?
Hartman, Bob
[Hard Paper] 9/18/2020

Amazing, magnificent, one-of-a-kind you! Celebrate how you are created by God through the clever...

Goodnight World
Parkinson, Rebecca
[Paper Back] 3/18/2021

From the rainforest to the grasslands and the desert to the oceans, Goodnight World by Rebecca...

Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer: The Time-Twisters Series
Smith, Fiona Veitch
[Paper Back] 2/18/2021

One ordinary meeting of the science club at Parkview Primary School becomes extraordinary when...

God's Brilliantly Big Creation Story
Woolridge, Dai
[Paper Back] 5/20/2021

Experience the wonder of creation and the power of God in this beautiful picture book retelling ...

Our Friends in Heaven Vol 2
Daughters of St Paul
[Paper Back] 5/1/2021

If you read one story every day from this two-volume set of books, you will have made many new...

The Lion Storyteller Family Values: Over 30 stories with engaging discussion ideas for sharing together
Hartman, Bob
[Hard Paper] 5/21/2021

A practical, engaging resource about the moral, spiritual, and cultural values that shape our...

When I don't give up: Jesus and Zacchaeus
Duncan Debbie
[Paper Back] 5/21/2021

An illustrated reader retelling the story of Jesus meeting with Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus is ...

Colouring Jesus: Colour Your Own Bible Comics!
Gillett, Flix
[Paper Back] 5/21/2021

A perfect activity for older children aged 7-9 to engage them with Bible stories about Jesus. Key...

All Things Bright And Beautiful
Claude Jean
[Paper Back] 3/19/2020

  All Things Bright and Beautiful All Creatures Great and Small All Things Wise and...

Book of Wonders
Taylor Alex
[Hard Paper] 6/20/2020

Ever wondered how your eye works? Or what caused the formation of the universe? Then Book of...

Unofficial Bible Minecrafters Old and New Testaments PB
Christopher Miko, Garrett Romines
[Paper Back] 10/21/2016

An amazing new edition - each Testament contains double the stories and both volumes are in a...

Carlo Acutis: God's Computer Genius
Labrecque Ellen
[Hard Paper] 10/10/2021

Ciao! Meet Carlo: an Italian fifteen-year-old techie who loved coding, video games, animals, and...

Knowing God
John J.
[Paper Back] 6/17/2017

Want to explore big questions with small children? In Knowing God, J. John distils profound...

Francis of Assisi Comic Book
Matas Toni
[Paper Back] 9/25/2016

What would you do if you were sent on a mysterious mission from God? From laying bricks to...

A Little Moment of Wonder for Children
Meldrum, Jenny
[Hard Paper] 10/4/2018

A Little Moment of Wonder helps young children explore the beauty of the world and the goodness ...

A Little Moment of Kindness for Children
Meldrum, Jenny
[Hard Paper] 10/4/2018

A Little Moment of Kindness helps young children explore what it means to be kind to themselves...

Explore the Bible Book by Book
Martin, Peter
[Hard Paper] 3/18/2017

The Bible is the book at the heart of the Christian faith; all over the world people are eager to...

A Child's Book of Prayers
Wright Sally Ann/Ayres Honor
[Hard Paper] 9/1/2018

A beautifully illustrated collection of prayers that encourages children to talk to God. A ...

Church Year for Children
Biehl Pia/Lange Katrina
[Hard Paper] 2/20/2020

Every child knows what is celebrated at Christmas. But what about Pentecost and All Saints’...

Padre Pio
Winkler Jude
[Paper Back] 1/1/2004

Relates the life and influence of this beloved, recently canonized Saint in simple,...

Bible Story-Pops Amazing Bible Stories
David, Juliet
[Hard Paper] 5/19/2017

Three favourite stories each with a BIG pop-up illustration, and soft, charming artwork. The...

Resolving Bullying
McAuslan Fiona/Nicholson Peter
[Paper Back] 6/10/2010

In recent years, bullying has come to the forefront of schools as a serious problem. Policies ...

Freddie Freckles and the Sacraments
Buckley Timothy J.
[Paper Back] 11/30/2014

Join Freddie as he goes on a journey where he learns more about the sacraments.

My Guardian Angel - Colouring book
D. Thomas Halpin, FSP
[Paper Back] 6/1/2003

This colouring book is a faith-filled way to keep children ages 0-5 busy as they discover all the...

My First Missal - 9781904785026
Benigni Maria Luisa
[Paper Back] 6/11/2011

First Mass book with the new English translation of the Order of Mass. Colourfully illustrated ...

Mini Children's Bible
Amery Heather
[Hard Paper] 6/10/2010

This is a new miniature edition of the Children's Bible, which will be treasured and enjoyed by...

My Very First Bible and Prayers
Rock Lois
[Paper Back] 10/21/2011

This boxed-set contains mini-sized versions of two of Lion's most popular children's ...

Stories of the Saints
McAllister Margaret
[Hard Paper] 1/6/2015

This elegantly illustrated picture hardback collects together the stories of men and women,...

Children's Picture Bible: Old and New Testament Stories Retold
[Hard Paper] 6/17/2017

A first picture reference guide that will capture the hearts and minds of young readers for...

Cecilia: Singing and Sharing the Faith
Yoffie Barara; Albrecht Jeff
[Paper Back] 3/1/2015

As a young woman in Rome more than 200 years after Christ's resurrection, Cecilia was ...

The Beatitudes for Children
Piscitelli, Donna, Gortler, Ro
[Paper Back] 3/1/2009

8 Ways Kids Can Grow Closer to God. When it comes to growing closer to God, kids (and adults)...

Patrick and the Fire: A Legend about St. Patrick
Bilinsky, Cornelia Mary
[Hard Paper] 1/15/2017

Bevan thinks his life as a goatherd is boring. But when a stranger named Patrick appears, Bevan...

My Simple Prayer Book
Finaldi, Pierpaolo
[Paper Back] 4/26/2016

Beautifully bound in white leatherette with gilt edges and a satin place-holder ribbon, this...

Saint Francis of Assisi ComiColor Book
Virginia Richards, FSP
[Paper Back] 12/1/2008

This comic-style Coloring & Activity Book highlights the life of St. Francis of Assisi ...

Images of God for Young Children
Delval Marie-Helene
[Hard Paper] 6/15/2011

The Bible describes God in many different ways: God is light; God is joy; God is wisdom. God is...

Teaching Kids to Care for God's Creation
Clark, Mary Elizabeth
[Paper Back] 1/3/2018

We all know Pope Francis has issued an urgent call to bring care for the Earth into both our...

5-Minute Bible Stories
Batchelor, Mary
[Hard Paper] 11/2/2018

Explore the teachings of the Bible with our Five-Minute Bible Stories collection. This ...

YOUCAT for Kids
[Paper Back] 8/1/2018

An exciting and fun new way to help children and parents to discover their Catholic faith...

Mary Our Mother
Ramalho, Rosa Maria
[Paper Back] 10/1/2017

Children ages 4 to 7 meet Mary, our mother, in this colouring and activity book. Each page...

Mother Teresa: The Story of the Saint of Calcutta
Marlyn Evangelina Monge, FSP
[Paper Back] 2/1/2018

Everyone knows who Mother Teresa is, but do they know the story of her life? This beautifully...

St Joseph
Francesca Fabris
[Paper Back] 6/12/2012

Joseph was a special person. He was good, generous and brave. He did not hesitate to leave his...

God and Me 365 Daily Devotions
Boshoff Penny
[Hard Paper] 6/13/2013

Bible-centred daily devotional book for young children to connect for the first time with their...

Rainbow Ark BU03 Small with 16 Characters

Hours of imaginative play time for children to enjoy, with that educational edge. A...

My Favourite Bible Stories
Nicholls, Kelly-Jade
[Hard Paper] 5/14/2020

My Favourite Bible Stories: For Children Around the World takes the child through the most...

God loves me always learn how God helps us handle our emotions with four simple stories
Rosie Greening
[Paper Back] 5/17/2019

An inspirational collection of stories to teach children how God can help them handle their...


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