Through the Desert God leads us to Freedom

"God has not grown weary of us. Let us welcome Lent as the great season in which he reminds us: “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery” (Ex 20:2). Lent is a season of conversion, a time of freedom"

(Pope Francis' Message for Lent 2024)


Lent 2024
The Folly of God - Meditation Pack
Carpenter, Judith
[Card] 10/1/2007

18 of Sieger Koder's Folly of God meditation cards in a folder. The cards are laminated on ...

The Folly of God: The Journey of the Cross
Rina Risitano, FSP
[Paper Back] 1/1/2019

Featuring the traditional Stations of the Cross and events of the resurrection of Jesus, this ...

The Folly of God - set of 14 posters
Sieger Koder

This collection of works by Sieger Köder features the traditional Stations of the...

Passions of the Soul
Williams Rowan
[Paper Back] 1/18/2024

In Passions of the Soul, Rowan Williams opens up the great classics of Eastern Christian...

Sacred Space Lent 2024
Irish Jesuits
[Paper Back] 1/3/2024

The Sacred Space website, an inspiration of the Irish Jesuits, continues to be one of the most...

Tarry Awhile: The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2024
Selina Stone
[Paper Back] 12/21/2023

Tarry here and watch with me . . . (Matt 26.38, KJV) Tarrying is a Black Christian spiritual...

Lent with the Beloved Disciple: The 2024 Lent Book
Marshall Michael
[Paper Back] 12/7/2023

The 2024 Bloomsbury Lent Book invites you on a six-week journey in the company of the...

Journeying with God in the Wilderness
Mark Broadway
[Paper Back] 11/16/2023

Jesus' forty days in the wilderness, which many Christians remember during Lent, echoes the...

Holding Onto Hope
Amy Boucher Pye; Leo Boucher
[Hard Paper] 11/17/2023

A 40-day journey exploring the themes of hope and new life through vivid biblical images, Holding...

Jesus Guide of My Life
Joyce Rupp
[Paper Back] 12/1/2023

In Jesus, Guide of My Life, bestselling and award-winning author and retreat leader Joyce Rupp...

Reading the Bible through Lent
Dr Adrian Graffy
[Paper Back] 11/30/2023

Reading the Bible through Lent is the perfect accompaniment to Lenten study and reflection using...

Stations of the Cross: A Journey of Death and Resurrection
Fr James Lawlor
[Paper Back] 1/25/2021

Shall I say it again? In order to arrive there, To arrive where you are, to get from where you...

Stations of the Cross: In Light of the Work of the Society of St Vincent De Paul
Bogan Gerard
[Paper Back] 1/23/2023

Walk alongside Jesus in his passion and Cross and be prepared to walk with compassion alongside...

The Way of the Cross: Meditations on Encountering Jesus
Halik Tomas
[Paper Back] 3/7/2023

Available March 2023 Halík reflects an inclusive, accessible spirit that will appeal to...

Praying the Stations of the Cross for the Suffering, Ill & Disabled
Clark B. Holly
[Paper Back] 6/18/2018

Each one of us has a disability of one sort or another some are visible and obvious (needing a...

Stations of the Resurrection
Greatrex Q. Richard
[Paper Back] 1/19/2019

Using readings, reflections, art and prayers in conjunction with suggested hymns and ideas for...

Stations of the Cross
Newman John Henry
[Paper Back] 1/1/2009

Among the various texts that have been used for the Stations of the Cross, John Henry...

Stations of the Cross Then and Now
McBride, Denis
[Paper Back] 12/22/2016

The way of the cross is not confined to a lonely road in Jerusalem two thousand years ago: it is ...

Turn to the Cross 11753
Ave Maria Press
[Paper Back] 9/1/2023

Lent isn't about training ourselves with prayer, fasting, and almsgiving so we are "good...

Jesus, Companion in My Suffering: Reflections for the Lenten Journey
Rupp Joyce
[Paper Back] 1/27/2023

Lent can be a time of bearing heavy burdens, of carrying the worries, pains, and sorrows that...

A Jesus Easter
Barbara Reaoch
[Paper Back] 2/1/2022

Help your family to appreciate the awesome, life-changing events of Easter with this 30-day...

The Prison Letters: 40 day devotional for Lent 1501710
Matt McChlery
[Paper Back] 1/21/2022

Paul's third missionary journey ended in Jerusalem, where he encountered an angry and violent...

Stay With us Encounters with the Risen Lord
Fr Thomas Rosica
[Paper Back] 1/30/2018

Fr. Tom Rosica presents the Resurrection of Jesus through a reading of the four Gospels ...

Surrender All An Illuminated Journal retreat Through the Stations of the Cross
Jen Norton
[Paper Back] 11/20/2020

Contemporary Catholic artist Jen Norton offers a unique opportunity to ponder the extravagant ...

Memento Mori: Prayers of the Last Things
Theresa Noble
[Book] 6/19/2019

Memento mori--Latin for "remember you will die"--refers to the practice of meditation ...

Remember Your Death Memento Mori Lenten Devotional
Theresa Noble
[Paper Back] 1/13/2019

Each day contains a refection based on the liturgy of the day for all of Lent, Holy Week, ...

Remember Your Death Memento Mori Journal
Theresa Noble
[Hard Paper] 11/2/2018

Need help managing the chaos of this world and living for heaven? The ancient practice of...

DVD Lent with Brother Francis
Brother Francis
[DVD Audio]

Lent is a special time in which we draw close to God in preparation for Holy Week. We examine our...

Not by Bread Alone Lent 2024
Catherine Upchurch
[Paper Back] 11/15/2023

Prayerfully journey through Lent with inspiring and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass...

Not By Bread Alone 2024 Large Print
Catherine Upchurch
[Paper Back] 11/15/2023

Prayerfully journey through Lent with inspiring and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass...

Hope of Easter: 40 Days of Reading and Reflection
[Hard Paper] 2/4/2021

Lent is about more than just giving things up. It's about preparing your heart for Jesus....

A Place for Us A Lenten Course Based on West Side Story
Byrne Lavinia
[Paper Back] 11/30/2022

A Place for Us is an original Lent course based on the recent film production of West Side Story...

40 Days with Labyrinths
Fay Rowland
[Paper Back] 1/1/2023

Labyrinths have been a treasured part of Christian spirituality for centuries. The journey along ...

Lent for Everyone: Luke Year C
Wright Tom
[Paper Back] 6/9/2009

A Lent lectionary resource using Tom Wright's For Everyone Bible translation, this is the first ...

Forty Women: Unseen women of the Bible from Eden to Easter
Clarke Ros
[Paper Back] 11/15/2021

This new Lent Study Guide takes you through the stories of 40 women in the Bible and what we can...

Finding God in Suffering
Fr Christopher M Mahar

Why is there so much suffering? How can I make sense of my own pain? Where is God in the midst of...


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