"Lent is a favourable season for deepening our spiritual life through the means of sanctification offered us by the Church: fasting, prayer and almsgiving. At the basis of everything is the word of God, which during this season we are invited to hear and ponder more deeply." Pope Francis

Lent 2023
Stations of the Cross: A Journey of Death and Resurrection
Fr James Lawlor
[Paper Back] 1/25/2021

Shall I say it again? In order to arrive there, To arrive where you are, to get from where you...

Lent for Everyone: Matthew Year A
Wright Tom
[Paper Back] 6/11/2011

A Lent lectionary resource using Tom Wright's For Everyone Bible translation, this is the second...

Sacred Space for Lent 2023
Irish Jesuits
[Paper Back] 1/1/2022

The Sacred Space website, an inspiration of the Irish Jesuits, continues to be one of the most...

Way of Thomas Merton A Prayer Journey through Lent
Inchausti Robert
[Paper Back] 11/17/2022

The Way of Thomas Merton guides you through the major themes of Merton's work and shows how...

The Way of Julian of Norwich: A Prayer Journey Through Lent
Upjohn, Sheila
[Paper Back] 11/19/2020

A fifteenth-century roof boss in Norwich Cathedral depicts a woman holding open the door to a...

The Grace-filled Wilderness
Smith Magdalen
[Paper Back] 6/19/2019

The Grace-filled Wilderness connects contemporary encounters of wilderness with the traditional...

My Sour-Sweet Days: George Herbert's Poems through Lent
Mark Oakley
[Paper Back] 11/29/2019

George Herbert is one of the great 17th century poet-priests. His poems embrace every shade of ...

Hearers of the Word - Praying and Exploring the Readings, Lent & Holy Week: Year A
O'Mahony Kieran
[Paper Back] 12/15/2019

The growing hunger for the Word of God is an unexpected development in our time. This book sets...

The Way of Benedict: Eight Blessings for Lent
Johns Laurentia
[Paper Back] 1/1/2019

The Rule of St Benedict, written for monks in the sixth century, continues to hold an...

A Word for Lent: a workbook for groups and individuals
McBride & Fearns
[] 1/21/2020

They are simple, practical, down-to-earth, heart-warming, challenging, and open up fresh...

The Way of Ignatius: A Prayer Journey through Lent
Simmonds, Gemma
[Paper Back] 11/15/2018

This is a popular introduction, aimed at general readers, to prayer and the spiritual life in the...

The Way of the Carmelites: A Prayer Journey Through Lent
McCaffrey, James
[Paper Back] 11/16/2017

Carmelite spirituality is based on a deep relationship with God in prayer, focusing on the...

Feast or Famine: How the Gospel challenges austerity
Barrow, Simon
[Paper Back] 11/23/2017

Feast or Famine? is a five-week Lent course for groups and individuals that considers the...

40 Days and 40 Ways: Daily Meditations for Lent - Year B
Wansbrough, Dom Henry, OSB
[Paper Back] 1/8/2018

During Lent the Church puts before us special readings for each day, helping us to prepare for ...

Dipping Into Life: 40 Reflections for a Fragile Faith
Hilliard Alan
[Paper Back] 5/17/2021

Lent in 50 Moments comprises meditations on fifty daily moments – ideas, objects, or...

The Art of Holy Week and Easter: Meditations on the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus
Beckett, Sister Wendy
[Paper Back] 1/21/2021

Brimming with Sister Wendy Beckett's irrepressible wisdom and enthusiasm, The Art of Holy ...

Remember Your Death Memento Mori Lenten Devotional
Theresa Noble
[Paper Back] 1/13/2019

Each day contains a refection written by Sr. Theresa based on the liturgy of the day for all of...

Memento Mori: Prayers of the Last Things
Theresa Noble
[Book] 6/19/2019

Memento mori--Latin for "remember you will die"--refers to the practice of meditation ...

Meditations on the Stabat Mater D844
De Malleray Armand
[Paper Back] 1/7/2022

Join our Blessed Mother at the foot of the Cross of her Son and walk with her on the road from...

The Folly of God - set of 18 posters
Sieger Koder

This collection of works by Sieger Köder features the traditional Stations of the Cross and...

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Rembrant's Prodigal Son full painting, 62 x 80 cm.

The Return of the Prodigal Son - maxi poster

Maxi poster Size: 88 x 126 cm

Rejoice and Be Glad Ester to Pentecost 2023
Okorie F./Smiga G.M.
[Paper Back] 11/15/2022

There is no better season to renew one’s relationship with God than Easter, the most joyful...

Praying the Stations of the Cross for the Suffering, Ill & Disabled
Clark B. Holly
[Paper Back] 6/18/2018

Each one of us has a disability of one sort or another some are visible and obvious (needing a...

The Way of the Cross: Meditations on Encountering Jesus
Halik Tomas
[Paper Back] 3/7/2023

Available March 2023 Halík reflects an inclusive, accessible spirit that will appeal to...

Failure What Jesus Said about Sin Mistakes and Messing Stuff Up Lent 2023
Ineson Emma
[Paper Back] 12/15/2022

In 2019, Emma Ineson wrote about ambition and what it means for Christians to be successful. And...

Not by Bread Alone: Daily Reflections for Lent 2023
Swetnam Susan H.
[Paper Back] 11/15/2022

Prayerfully journey through Lent with fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass ...

Not by Bread Alone: Daily Reflections for Lent 2023 L.P.
Swetnam Susan H.
[Paper Back] 11/15/2022

Prayerfully journey through Lent with fresh and meaningful reflections on the daily Mass ...

A Place for Us A Lenten Course Based on West Side Story
Byrne Lavinia
[Paper Back] 11/30/2022

A Place for Us is an original Lent course based on the recent film production of West Side Story...

Falling of Dusk
Dominiak Paul Anthony
[Paper Back] 12/8/2023

For generations, Christian communities have meditated upon the seven last words of Jesus on the...

Mercy Not Sacrifice Lenten Daily Reflections
Janus Marc-David
[Paper Back] 2/7/2023

As Christians, we are often told that Lent is a time when we must sacrifice in order to be worthy...

Stations of the Cross: In Light of the Work of the Society of St Vincent De Paul
Bogan Gerard
[Paper Back] 1/23/2023

Walk alongside Jesus in his passion and Cross and be prepared to walk with compassion alongside...

Rejoice and Be Glad Large Print Easter to Pentecost 2023
Okorie F./Smiga G.M.
[Paper Back] 11/15/2022

There is no better season to renew one’s relationship with God than Easter, the most joyful...


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