He is RISEN!

Christ, our Lord

He is Risen! Alleluia!
Gaudete et Exsultate
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 11/04/2018

‘Holiness is a gift that is offered to everyone, no one is excluded; it constitutes the...

Alleluia is Our Song: Reflections on Eastertide
Michael Mayne
[Paper Back] 31/01/2018

Alleluia is our Song draws together a collection of profound and beautiful seasonal...

Do You Believe?: The Challenge of an Easter Faith
Andrew Nugent
[Paper Back] 15/06/2015

Do You Believe? guides the reader through the events of the Paschal mystery Christ s death and...

First Comes Love
Scott Hahn
[Paper Back]

The extraordinary vision and panache of Scott Hahn's books have made Catholic theology...

70 Church Year Starters for Kids and Those who Teach Them
Pat Mathson
[Paper Back] 01/07/2017

From poster projects to prayer prompts, this engaging and meaningful collection of activities...

Songs of the Spirit: A Psalm A Day For Lent And Easter
Megan Daffern
[Paper Back] 16/11/2017

This sequence of beautiful translations and inspiring commentary provides daily nourishment for...

The Very First Easter
Kelly Pulley
[Paper Back]

The Very First Easter introduces children to one of the most important and moving stories of all...

Alleluia - set of 9 posters
Designed at Turvey Abbey

(44 x 68 cm)  The Alleluia posters are a joyful echo of the scripture readings from...

Alpha and Omega  - pack of 5 Easter cards

Easter cards, with envelopes, one design. Matt laminated on the front. Short scripture quotation...

Easter Grace: Daily Gospel Reflections
Daughters of St Paul
[Paper Back] 10/06/2011

Easter is the most important celebration in the life of the Church. With this book of daily...

Turvey Risen Lord Poster 68x30cm
[Poster] 01/01/1995

Turvey Risen Lord Poster 68x30cm  

The Road That Leads to Life: Lent and Easter with Pope Francis
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 08/01/2016

The Road That Leads to Life: Lent and Easter with Pope Francis   "While we ...

Would You Like to Know Collection
Eira Reeves; Graham Jefferson; Tim Dowley
[Paper Back] 01/01/2017

Six small volumes offering answers to children's big questions about God, the Bible, prayer,...

Simon of Cyrene and the Legend of the Easter Egg
Terry DeGezelle
[Hard Paper] 03/03/2017

On his way to market to sell eggs, Simon the Cyrene is stopped by Roman soldiers and ordered to...

Promise of New Life: Lent and Easter with Pope Francis
Amette Ley
[Paper Back] 08/01/2018

Using the words of Pope Francis, this booklet takes us through the whole point and purpose that...

Acclamation - Alleluia poster
Designed at Turvey Abbey

(44 x 68 cm)   Themes: Stay with us; Eucharist; breaking of...

Alleluia - Alleluia poster
Designed at Turvey Abbey

(44 x 68 cm)   Themes: The grain of wheat; eternal life; fullness of joy.

Alpha and Omega  -  large poster
Stephen Foster

(42 x 59.4 cm) A timeless image for the whole liturgical year, this image of the ...

Crucifix of St Franicis - maxi print

(45 x 65 cm approx)

New Covenant - Celebration poster
Designed at Turvey Abbey

(98 x 44 cm)  Agape and the ministry of service

Pentecost - Celebration poster
Designed at Turvey Abbey

(98 x 44 cm)   Empowered by the Spirit to proclaim the Good News.



These are some of the RCIA gifts and Easter titles hand-picked for you by the Sisters and staff of Pauline Books & Media. Call our Book and Media Centres for an even broader selection of prayer books, missals, spiritual reading and other resources for personal, parish or school programmes and events.

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