CD Into the Deep
CD Into the Deep
Monica Brown

The familiar story of Jesus’ invitation and challenge to Simon, James and John, to launch out into deep water (Lk5:40), is the scriptural inspiration for this collection of mantras.

We know from the unfolding of that encounter, that the experience of being in the deep with Jesus was life changing for these simple fishermen.  This call into the deep came to them in the midst of the ordinary mundane reality of their daily lives, when they were exhausted, frustrated and discouraged with nothing to show for their labour.  Jesus invited them, in and through the circumstances of their everyday reality, to take the risk, to go beyond what they knew.

What would you do if Jesus were to walk into your ordinary or not so ordinary circumstances?  What would you do if he walked into your reality, whatever it be, and sat in your space and directed you to venture out beyond what you know and trust, into the deep?  Perhaps you are already in the deep; in that place of vulnerability and uncertainty, facing the risks of the unknown?

As we saw for the three fishermen, when we can surrender into the deep, miracles happen, grace flows and love deepens. It is out of that space that these mantras have emerged.  I offer them to you as prayerful support for your personal and/or communal journey into the deep.

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