Angels in Art Gift Book
Angels in Art: Gift Book and Day Book
Steve Dobell
[Hard Paper]

  • Angels Address Book
  • Angel Day Book

Angelic evocations: sumptuous paintings and evocative verse in two beautiful books, one of inspirational fine art and quotations, one a fill-in day book. All of us have lived in the hope and wonder that there is someone watching over us. Angels of love, angels of peace, angels of mercy, angels warding off fear and the forces of darkness and mischief. All these mystical beings are celebrated here in the immortal words of some of the greatest writers of all time William Blake, Robert Browning, and Emily Dickinson. Beautifully chosen words and pictures present guardian angels comforting the sick and dying; angels of power and beauty singing the glory of God and filling the skies with light, ecstasy and majesty; and legions of warrior angels driving away evil with burning eyes and slashing swords. Images of heavenly figures are an important part of our religion, mythology and collective unconscious, commemorated in this book by magnificent art, prose and poetry.

The chapter themes are Dear and Great Angel, Winged Heralds, Bright Squadrons, I Sat with Love, A Band of Angels and Jubilant Hosts, and includes poetry drawn from the world-renowned works of Edmund Spenser, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe and Christina Rossetti amongst others, and prose from such universal masterpieces as the Revelation of St John, Saint Augustine's Confessions, Dante's Paradiso and John Milton's Paradise Lost. The beautiful companion write-in daybook is also illustrated in complementary style, both presented in a smart hard gift case.


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