Learning the Language of Faith
Learning the Language of Faith
Sullivan John
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Learning Christian faith takes a lifetime. The process combines formal and informal approaches, it has both individual and community aspects, it occurs in diverse settings and it must connect with the curriculum of life.

This book should be useful for people engaged in sharing and teaching faith. These include parents and priests, catechists and lay ministers, chaplains and those working in schools and universities.

Other readers will include diocesan officers, advisors and inspectors, school governors, members of religious orders, indeed any Christian with family, teaching or parish roles.

This book is about the role of home and parish in the task of faith formation. It is also about school and university. It takes into account that our faith should connect to the public world, the political sphere, the world of culture and our global connectedness.

- Explores key principles for helping others learn the language of faith.

- Based on lengthy practical experience of communicating faith, offering ‘reports from the field.’

- Underpinned by scholarship and rigorous argument, but unafraid to use the language of devotion and commitment.

- Analyses the factors that inhibit and enhance our capacity in using faith language.

- Focuses more on faith learning than on doctrinal content.

- Brings out the interconnectedness of the agencies and contexts for promoting faith.

- Provides questions for personal reflection and group discussion.


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