Plaque 46/32 Baptism

Hand painted Baptism wall plaque Made from Wood 14 x 19 cm Wall hanging  

Plaque 57/32 Noah's Ark 22x16

Hand painted image of Noah's Ark wall plaque Made from Wood 22 x 16 cm Wall...

Plaque 56/32 Last Supper

Hand painted image of the Last Supper wall plaque Made from Wood 13 x 7 cm Wall...

Plaque 40/32 Love One Another El Salvador

Hand painted ‘Love One Another’ wall plaque Made from wood 20 x 15 cm Wall...

Plaque 55/32 Last Supper

Hand painted Last Supper wall plaque Made from wood 12 x 9 cm Wall hanging

Cross 51/32 Dove of Peace

Hand painted Dove of Peace wall plaque Made from wood 5 x 6 cm Wall hanging School...

Plaque 33840 Irish Blessing Block Art Wood

Block Art Wood Plaque/Irish Blessing (33840) Block Depth is 1 1/2 inch. Title and Motifs are...

Plaque CS008422 Bless Our Home

This attractive piece is a blessing for your home surrounded by the eternal weaving of Celtic...

Plaque CS00827 Celtic Threads Guardian Angel

This attractive coming together of crafts compliments perfectly the Celtic interlacing, symbols...

Plaque CS 008417 Tree Of Life

This bronze plated wall plaque shows the spirals & knot work of the Tree of Life. The...

Plaque CS008418 Bronze Trinity Knot

The Trinity knot is one of the most recognizable forms Celtic knot, easily distinguished by its...


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