DVD Babette's Feast
[DVD Audio] 2/25/1987

Stephane Audran plays Babette, a 19th century Parisian political refugee who seeks shelter in a...

DVD Secret Garden
[DVD Audio]

Bringing the Francis Hodgson Burnett classic to the big screen; Mary Lennox is the young orphan...

DVD Gospel of John: The First Ever Word for Word Film Adaptation of All Four Gospels
David Harewood, Narrator
[DVD Audio] 3/18/2016

The Gospel of John is the first film by The Lumo Project which brings the original Jesus ...

DVD Media Apostle James Alberione
[DVD Audio] 4/1/2015

On the night between the nineteenth and twentieth century, during Eucharistic Adoration,...

DVD Pope Francis: A Pope for Everyone
[DVD Audio]

Biographical documentary about the newly elected Pope Francis. In March 2013, Cardinal Jorge ...

DVD Molokai: The Story of Fr Damien
[DVD Audio]

Life of Saint Damien, the leper priest who relentlessly gave of himself and served the...

DVD The Book of Kells: The Work of Angels?
[DVD Audio] 10/1/2007

Widely regarded as the most beautiful book in the world, The Book of Kells has been revered by...

DVD Return of the Saints
Hume Basil
[DVD Audio]

Cardinal Basil Hume invites viewers to join him on a rewarding pilgrimage to the North East of...

DVD Bernadette: Princess of Lourdes 77006
CCC of America
[DVD Audio]

On February 11, 1858, three girls from Lourdes, France, were gathering fi rewood in front of a...

DVD Lourdes: Pilgrimage and Healing
[DVD Audio]

Lourdes is a place of inner healing, a place of inner peace. Inner healing is the unifying theme...

DVD Mother Teresa Her World
[DVD Audio]

An award-winning documentary - simple yet profound - also a challenge to come to know the poor...

DVD Contemplating Icons: An Introduction to Icons and Prayer
[DVD Audio]

Icons are “windows opening onto the mystery of God”. This award winning video is both...


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