YOUCAT - Youth Catechism
[Paper Back] 15/04/2011

YOUCAT is short for Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, which was launched on World Youth ...

Pope Francis' Revolution of Tenderness and Love
Walter Kasper
[Hard Paper] 20/04/2015

In Pope Francis' Revolution of Tenderness and Love: Theological and Pastoral Perspectives,...

First Comes Love
Scott Hahn
[Paper Back]

The extraordinary vision and panache of Scott Hahn's books have made Catholic theology...

The Crisis of Confidence in the Catholic Church
Raymond G. Helmick, SJ
[Paper Back] 31/07/2014

The Catholic Church in the United States and Europe has seen declining numbers both in regular...

Swear to God: The Promise and Power of the Sacraments
Scott Hahn
[Paper Back] 01/08/2004

The most solemn, majestic, and beautiful gifts that Jesus Christ gave to the world are His...

The Gospel of the Family
J. J. Perez-Soba & S. Kampowski
[Paper Back] 01/11/2014

Walter Cardinal Kasper created an international media stir when he proposed allowing divorced and...

The New Evangelization. Responding to the Challenge of Indifference
Rino Fisichella
[Paper Back] 20/09/2012

The thrust for a so-called new evangelization has been one of the most important actions of the...

Lord, Have Mercy: The Healing Power of Confession
Scott Hahn
[Paper Back] 15/09/2003

An illuminating, reassuring explanation of the Catholic Church’s teachings on confession ...

The Lamb's Supper: The Mass as Heaven on Earth
Scott Hahn
[Paper Back] 01/02/2003

Scott Hahn sheds new light on the Mass, offering readers a deeper appreciation of the most...

The Word of God at Vatican II: Exploring Dei Verbum
Ronald D. Witherup
[Paper Back] 20/05/2014

The Vatican II’s Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation is universally acclaimed as one...

The Theology of Cardinal Walter Kasper: Speaking the Truth in Love
Kristin M. Colberg; Robert A. Krieg; Cardinal Walter Kasper
[Paper Back] 14/08/2014

Cardinal Walter Kasper's contributions to theology, ecumenism, Jewish-Christian relations, ...

A Holy Yet Sinful Church: Three Twentieth-Century Moments in a Developing Theology
Jeanmarie Gribaudo
[Paper Back] 30/08/2015

This text examines three key moments in the developing theology of the church's holiness and...


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