Spiritual Fatherhood: Evagrius Ponticus on the Role of the Spiritual Father
Gabriel Bunge
[Paper Back] 01/02/2017

Spiritual fatherhood is popular, controversial, and misunderstood. For Evagrius Ponticus (AD...

Love the World
David Adam
[Paper Back] 19/07/2018

Writing from lived experience as much as knowledge, David Adam conveys a delight in the mystery ...

More Than Just Pretty: Discover Your True Value, Beauty and Purpose
Jessie Faerber
[Paper Back] 21/06/2018

We girls know what it's like to feel inadequate. Despite our best efforts, we constantly...

Touch and the Healing of the World
Daniel B. Hinshaw
[Paper Back] 01/09/2017

Touch and the Healing of the World explores one of the most familiar yet profound of human...

Grenfell Hope: Ravaged by Fire But Not Destroyed
Gaby Doherty
[Paper Back] 14/06/2018

Gaby and her husband Sean and their four children live in a flat across from Grenfell Tower, and...

See, Love, Be: Mindfulness and the Spiritual Life
Tim Stead
[Paper Back] 21/06/2018

Many have been hugely helped by mindfulness practice. But how do we move beyond our initial goal...

Just This: Prompts And Practices For Contemplation
Richard Rohr
[Paper Back] 21/06/2018

Just This is a collection of brief and evocative meditations and practices. It invites us to...

Grace: On the Journey to God
Michael Casey
[Paper Back] 30/07/2018

Benedictine monastic spirituality has emerged as an antidote to the spiritual and cultural...

Scrappy Evangelist: Chesterton and a New Apologetics for Today
Fr. Paul Rowan
[Paper Back] 20/11/2017

How do we defend the faith in today's world? Where are the connecting points with an audience...

You Are In My Heart: Wisdom for a New Generation
Pope Francis
[Paper Back] 01/07/2018

You Are In My Heart: Wisdom for a New Generation 408 pages 8cm x 12cm x...

Everyone Leads: How to Revitalize the Catholic Church
Chris Lowney
[Hard Paper] 04/04/2017

Everyone Leads examines the profound challenges now facing the global Catholic Church and offers...

Rebuilt: Awakening the Faithful, Reaching the Lost, and Making Church Matter
Michael J. White
[Paper Back] 26/03/2013

Drawing on the wisdom gleaned from thriving mega-churches and innovative business leaders while...


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