Catholic Faith/RCIA

Your Parish Is the Curriculum: RCIA in the Midst of Community
Macalintal, Diana
[Paper Back] 2/15/2018

We all agree that the community needs to be involved in the RCIA. So we make bulletin and Mass...

Catholic Update Guide to Confession
Kendzia Mary Carol
[Paper Back] 6/11/2011

Offers a concise understanding of what confession is and does for Catholics, and gives a...

Catholic Update Guide to the Catechism of the Catholic Church
Kendzia Mary Carol
[Paper Back] 11/1/2012

Fifty years since Vatican II, thirty years since Pope John Paul II called for a new comprehensive...

Evangelium Presenter's Guide: Sharing the Riches of the Catholic Faith
Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Andrew Pinsent
[Paper Back] 6/9/2009

An adaptable resource for your parish Adult Catechesis, RCIA, Parish Courses confirmation...

Catechist 101 Wade, Don't Dive: Giving New and Seasoned Catechists Confidence
Eipers Carole M.
[Paper Back] 6/14/2014

Reading this book is like journeying with a wise and trusted friend who offers the perfect...

Credo: The Catholic Faith Explained
Holden Marcus/Pinsent Andrew
[Paper Back] 6/7/2007

For anyone looking for a convenient and easy-to-use explanation of the Catholic Faith, Credo...

Exploring the Mass
Nichols Vincent
[Paper Back] 6/17/2017

In this book Cardinal Vincent Nichols explains the different parts of the Mass and how best to...

Spirit and Life: The Holy Sacrament of the Catholic Church
Rea Rose
[Hard Paper] 6/19/2019

With exquisite original photography and refreshing meditations, this stunning coffee table book...

I'm Catholic. Now What?
McAfee, Shaun
[Paper Back] 12/27/2019

Now that you're Catholic, you are might be wondering, "Now what?" Shaun McAfee...

Catholic Faith Foundations: Back to the Basics
Werning, David
[Paper Back] 4/16/2018

Too often Catholics feel like they don’t know (or remember) enough about their faith to...

Creed: Drawing Closer to Christ
Huebsch, Bill
[Paper Back] 8/1/2016

This engaging summary of the main themes of the Catechism helps adults understand their faith...

DOCAT Study Guide: What to do?
[Paper Back] 10/31/2016

DOCAT is the latest title in the international best-selling YOUCAT series for young people. With...


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