Life Issues

Maya Goes to Hospital
Beech, Victoria
[Paper Back] 3/31/2011

Maya Goes to Hospital - about a child who goes to hospital. This story explores a young...

Sam and His Special Book
Beech, Victoria
[Paper Back] 3/31/2011

Sam and his Special Book - about a child who is life limited. This story explores a young...

Jesus Still Loves Joe
Beech, Victoria
[Paper Back] 3/31/2011

Jesus still loves Joe – about a child whose sister has died This story explores a young...

Eric Says Thanks
Hankey, Dai
[Paper Back] 2/2/2016

Eric is so blessed by his tasty toast that he just has to say "thanks!" But whom should...

Remembering My Someone Special: Grieving Journal for Kids

In times of sorrow and loss, let this child-friendly workbook help the children who are...

25 Questions About Virtues and Vices
Miller Les
[Paper Back] 8/31/2012

25 Questions About Virtues and Vices asks and answers such questions as: What did Jesus teach...

God loves me always learn how God helps us handle our emotions with four simple stories
[Paper Back] 5/17/2019

An inspirational collection of stories to teach children how God can help them handle their...

Resolving Bullying
Billingsley M.
[Paper Back] 10/8/2010

In recent years, bullying has come to the forefront of schools as a serious problem. Policies ...

Small Acts of Kindness
Vollbracht, James
[Paper Back] 12/1/1995

This charming, beautifully illustrated story for children and adults demonstrates how small acts...

If Nathan Were Here
Bahr Mary
[Paper Back] 5/27/2002

If Nathan were here, we would meet in our tree fort. . . we would take the shortcut through the...

Keeping School Cool
Mundy Michaelene
[Paper Back] 2/1/2002

From the end of August until the first part of June, our children spend more of their waking ...

Our Families
Dcaccia Teresa
[Paper Back] 10/1/2003

When Mark goes to school he meets lots of new friends but also is made aware that there are lots...


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