Planet Protectors: 52 Ways to Look After God's World
Kerensa, Paul
[Paper Back] 6/17/2021

Jam-packed with interesting facts, Christian theology and practical tips, Planet Protectors is an...

First Holy Communion: My Life with Jesus
MaryLou Winters, FSP
[Hard Paper] 3/5/2021

First Holy Communion is joyfully presented in the context of my life with Jesus, which began...

Charles Babbage and the Curious Computer: The Time-Twisters Series
Fiona Veitch Smith
[Paper Back] 2/18/2021

One ordinary meeting of the science club at Parkview Primary School becomes extraordinary when...

Miracles of the Bible 519
Winkler Jude
[Paper Back] 4/1/2003

Acquaints children with some of the miracles Jesus performed on earth. Full-color illustrations.

A Little Moment of Promises for Children
Meldrum, Jenny
[Hard Paper] 10/4/2018

Even at such a young age, children are faced with times when they are upset or disappointed. And...

The Goodnight Star
Sparkes, Amy
[Paper Back] 8/27/2015

Megan is afraid of the dark, and sometimes she just can't get to sleep. But one special night, a...

Where Do I Come From?
Hartman, Bob
[Hard Paper] 9/18/2020

Amazing, magnificent, one-of-a-kind you! Celebrate how you are created by God through the clever...

Brilliant! 24 Catholic Scientists, Mathematicians, and Supersmart People
David Michael Warren
[Hard Paper] 12/15/2020

Think faith and science don’t go together? Think again! It’s important to teach...

Goodnight World
Parkinson, Rebecca
[Paper Back] 3/18/2021

From the rainforest to the grasslands and the desert to the oceans, Goodnight World by Rebecca...

My Lent: Learn All About Lent
Allen George & Angie
[Hard Paper]

My Lent is the ideal way to introduce children to the themes of the season. Featuring beautiful...

God and Me: 365 Daily Devotions
Boshoff Penny
[Hard Paper] 11/1/2013

Bible-centred daily devotional book for young children to connect for the first time with their...

God Made Space
Bryant, Stephanie
[Paper Back] 3/20/2020

God has given us lots of clues about how He made the space. This is how we think He did it....


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